What should my cousin and I do while on a road trip?

Let’s learn what should my cousin and I do while on a road trip. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by huffingtonpost.com.

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18 Road Trip Hacks That Will Actually Make Your Trip Awesomer

... but a road trip is not the best time to do ... way with your trip mates while spending hours and ... , Road Trip, Road Trips. FOLLOW ...


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Im a 19 year old and i plan on bringing a 15 year old cousin with me on a road trip to canada.is it possible?

Actually we are planning to take a road trip around USA then we will have to drive through Canada to our destination in New York, and I'm worried that they would think I'm ...show more


Have a note from both of her parents and have it noterized by a public notary (Legal worker).

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My cousin and I were on a road trip, she was doing 95 mph in a 65 mph. I got a picture on the GPS?

I have that picture on my phone as well as a picture of her doing 65 mph in a 45 mph, should I send it to her mom? It was very unsafe and I was telling her to slow it down, I even offered to drive. I know if I send it to her mom she, my cousin, will...


Yes i deal with patients with this disorder all the time. It seems they have this bone deep necessity...

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You could just bring up the fact that your cousin has to wear diapers. "Aren't you a little old...

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Be kind to your cousin. Think of it this way, she can drink whatever she wants.

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Most everybody gets teased some time - just doing what she did is enough of a tease - ya think? Get...

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It wouldn't be very nice to make fun of your cousin for wearing diapers, it's not their fault that their...

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I'd tell her not to worry too much about it and maybe in time, she'll outgrow diapers and wear big girl...

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My cousin raped me 2 years ago and im now ten . not alot of people know . my mom knows but she thinks ...?

that im playing a joke on her witch i know im not the people that do know i want them to tell my dad so bad .. but i know if i and or they tell him that my dad will seriously hurt him probbably kill him and then hell call the police .. i know it sounds...


Sorry ; you had been rape ; but sending your cousin in jail for the next 25 yrs will not cure the wounds...

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Road trip from Connecticut to California? Help! Tips!?

Okay so me and my cousin/BFF are gonna take a road trip next year in April. We live in Connecticut but would like to stop in cape cod before heading out on the rest of the cross country trip. And we want to be sure to stop in Tennesee, so what's the...


go I-80 all the way to California, see pictures http://www.bayareavisit.com/

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