What sort of music is popular in Italy right now?

Let’s learn what sort of music is popular in Italy right now. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by theguardian.com.

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Italian music now: from Turin to Sicily | Music | The Guardian

Italian music now: from Turin to ... The kind of classic Italian pop typified by Eros Ramazzotti was brought up to date a few years ago by Tiziano Ferro, ... popular ...


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I have to find a song to sing in music class, but i need to find the right sort of artist..?

In my music class I have my solo performance coming up, in a few days, and i need help finding the right song for my voice to sing =) I'm looking for a band, with a male singer, preferably. One that play's song's that are related to 'Emo' teens, like...


I cant tell you what song would match your voice, because i havent heard it. But a good song to sing...

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Leave college for music dream?

so this is definitely a generic question. how many kids have you come across that have asked the same thing - should i drop out of school to pursue a music career? i have been focused on music my entire life. i started playing the piano when i was in...


We just had some professionals come by our school and they said a lot of their income was teaching....

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Krakow music wish-list

What musical gems & rarities should I look for on my upcoming trip to Krakow? My spouse and I will be traveling to Krakow in about a month. (See my previous question re: this trip if you like-- the suggestions for side-trips into Eastern Europe sounded...


I don't know about Krakow, but a friend of mine is from Moscow and describes their outdoor marketplaces...

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talkin' about "pop music"

pop music filter: been livin' under a rock the past decade, so what good stuff have I missed? Music-wise, it's not bad at all under this rock: stacks of CDs accumulated over the years, cool sound system, and more recently itunes, even. But my attention...


I'm not sure how much you mean "pop" as in a musical genre or as in commerical success (I...

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Should I make music, keep growing my business, or do something else completely?

I'm 26 years old, almost 27. Up until last year my goals seemed so clear. Then suddenly I realized how mortal I was and now I wake up every morning in a near-panic thinking about how little time I have left to do and achieve everything I want to. I'm...


I don't see why you can't do both. Unless you genuinely believe you are going to 'make it big time'...

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Music teaching with rebellious children

You are a music teacher who knows how to make lessons fun and involving for a young person in a rebellious frame of mind. I visit a brother/sister pair every week to teach them piano for half an hour each. Their mother approached me at a gig of one of...


I only teach on an irregular basis, and it tends to be adults these days, but here are some things I...

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What music do fashionistas love in July/August 2013?

I might need to produce some promotional video for an upcoming fashion festival and am a little in the dark as to the sort of music favoured by fashion-y people. I have a reasonable handle on what's trendy and/or trending among those who follow music...


Try Opening Ceremony (http://www.openingceremony.us/). They host mixes from a lot of up and coming acts...

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I have another poem! If your a hater... that just mean I'm doing something right! but any way...!?

Now what’s next? (Baby you are…) Baby you are… Every breath I take, You’re the thought about every move I make, You’re my soul mate, And I can only flow and roll with you, You are; my best friend; my boy; my dude. Baby...


You are born poet got talents. Very inspiring. Do you know that we need these kind of inspirational...

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