What things are popular in Japan right now?

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What is popular in Japan right now!? - Japanese Popular ...

GariGari Kun is one of the most popular popsicles in Japan. Recently, the manufacturer of the famous popsicle, AKAGI, ... What is Popular in Japan Right Now!?


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What kind of things are popular in Japan right now?

What music groups and clothing styles are popular in Japan at the moment?


japanese pop like tvxo and perfume

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Japan was hit hard by the disaster, but things have slowly been returning to normal now. Most tourist...

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What songs or Artists are popular in Japan right now..?

Does anyone know of any hot songs or artists in Japan right now? Like Rhiana, My Chemical Romance, or Kelly Clarkson here? (I meant like status and popularity or popular songs, not things similar to the people I mentioned :P) Rock, pop, rap it doesn...


I love this question! Japanese music is all I listen too. Ayumi Hamasaki is the biggest one, to most...

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Do you think that in 4 years Japan's awful situation will get better?

Right now this is how things are: • Horrible tsunami • Diverses earthquakes • If economy was bad now is going to be 10 times worse. • No jobs (well that's a worldwide thing) • Decreasing and low popullation. And now foreigners...


The tsunami was awful, but they constantly have earthquakes -- it is just this was the largest one to...

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I want to become a singer in Japan...Im living in US. (need opinions?) think i have a shot?

I need your honest and most fair opinion....If you live in Japan or know enough about Japan, this is going to be a bit long so sorry! But I am pretty determined to do it... I can dance and sing really good(many say better than normal). I am currently...


don' t worry, If you work Hard, you can, there are some foreigners artists like leah dizon... try in...

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Living in Japan? Whats it like?

I want to know what its like living in Japan. I plan to go to college here in the States then move to Japan as an English Teacher and live my life from there. So, I want to know what it is going to be like. Can I have information on:: Daily Life: What...


I've been living in Japan for almost two years now, in both the Osaka prefecture farming/mountain areas...

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How to get into Japan/what areas are safe?

I was wondering how exactly can you get into Japan if you wish to attend college there. I know study abroad is the obvious answer, but I was told that not every major has a study abroad for Japan. I'm in college for culinary arts and I'm having a hard...


Japan is very safe compared to other countries. While the probability of you becoming a victim of violent...

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Should I go to college or go to Japan or... I don't know?

I just don't know what to do...I'm just stuck between a rock and a hard place. It's probably going to be a very long post, so I hope you can bear with me... I really need some help, some insight, just anything... First, I guess a bit about me-- Well...


I moved to Japan in January 2010, I am originally from England. When I first moved it was tough because...

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Is Japan really misogynist or is it just another feminist myth to take down men?

Let me tell you about what's happening in Japan: 60% of Japanese men under the age of 35 identified themselves as "herbivore men". They have a lack of interest in relationships and sex, and are not active in pursuing women. Many of them stay...


What insane moron crazy mother a$$ eating MF would spend his/her time reading that amount of madness...

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