What type of career can I get?

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What type of career are there that does not require college education?

I don't have time and money, living cost is too much to get loan for if I don't get help from my parents. What type of job can I get that I can developer into a career that provides training? I had jobs at restaurants as waiter, I worked at a company office processing paper but I need a job that can be a career. Any suggestions?


If you're gonna go into any job, buy books, search websites, do research! Today's business world is...

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What type of career can I get from studying world events, specializing in the Middle East and Africa?

I have been, for the last 1-2 years been studying current events and some of the background information on world events especially in the Middle East and Northeastern Africa. I have attempted to keep track of everything reported out of this region of...


You could get a degree in "Conflict Management" and specialize in Middle Eastern/North African...

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What type of career can i get out of the A levels I'm going to studie?

I'm in my last year in school and I have to decide which course i want to do for a career, i have chosen geography, geology, environmental studies and sociology. I was wondering what sort of career can i get out of those subjects?


Pretty much anything, unless you want to become a doctor or something specialist then your mix of subjects...

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What type of Job/Career can I get with a Bachelor's of Science in Health Administration degree?

I'm about to gradaute in a year and I'm trying to find out what kind of jobs I can get with my degree. It's a little tricky because I can enter into various work fields in ...show more


I would start by getting a job in an medical practice office and start working your way up. If you have...

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What type of career can you get with a degree in Philosophy?

Lots of website say that a person with a degree in philosophy can work in many areas. It is definitely true but finding the first job could be a nightmare. Do you have a degree in philosophy or do you know somebody else's experience? Please bear in mind...


Thanks for A2A. I do not have any degree in Philosophy but do have second-hand experience on this. There...

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What type career can I get with a Linguistics or Japanese Bachelor's Degree? More details~~?

I'm about to transfer to a 4-year university to get a Bachelor's degree. I just received my Associate's Degree in Arts and I've been really interested in Japanese and ...show more


insurance broker

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What type of Job or Career can i get from being an artist/drawing.?

I'm trying to figure out what i want to do with my drawing skills and would like details on jobs/careers for it.


Answers besides just an artist: Art Teacher or Book illustrator

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What type of wriitng career should i try to get?

i want to write for like tv shows and eventually write my own as i get experience? is this screen wriitng? or freelancing or what? i also would like to write my own books and other things basically i wanna write tv shows are the first priority though...


Go to learning Social media online.

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The grades you get in high school have no affect on what job you get. Your college grades really don...

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