When did the Blu-ray player come out?

Let’s learn when did the Blu-ray player come out. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by en.wikipedia.org.

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Blu-ray - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

... [135] Windows Media Player does not come with the codecs required to ... Many current Blu-ray players and recorders can read and write 1920×1080 video at the ...


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Does the Sony BDP-S360 Bluray Player come with a HDMI Cable?

I want to buy a Sony Bluray player, but I don't know if it comes included with a HDMI Cable. Does It?


Odds are high it does not.....your best bet is to just get one online...they run around $5.50 delivered...

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Does a Sony BluRay player come with Netflix and Amazon Movies if its connected to the Internet?

I connected my Blu-Ray player to the internet and Netflix nor amazon show up. Does this mean by Blu Ray doesnt come with these apps? Or is there another way i can get them?


If it doesn't say so on the box & in the instructions, then it doesn't offer those services. Are...

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How come my DVD player won't play a bluray disk I bought?

Do I have to buy something else that isn't a DVD player?


Because only blu ray players will play blu rays,however as said a blu ray will play dvds,but a dvd cant...

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Microsoft has unofficially announced an external Blu-ray player for the Xbox 360 to be released by May...

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Is the Sound system compatible with my bluray player?

Please bear if I come up with some silly questions, i'm totally new to these stuffs.. 1) Is the sound system in the link below compatible with my Philips BDP2600 bluray player(7.1 surround sound) which has Digital Coax Out? http://www.mitashi.com/Products...


You can buy speakers from Philips itself which are good and do not cost much. And that certainly would...

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Do I need an AV receiver or a HDMI cable for my BluRay player?

Hi, So I bought a BluRay player today. I haven't had a DVD player in years- I've been watching and downloading movies from iTunes. The bluray didnt come with any extra wires. Do I need an AV receiver or a HDMI cable? Or do I need both?


HDMI cable though its weird your player didn't come with a cable. You should check your manual and deduce...

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Is it worth Buying a Blu-Ray player?

I have a newer (less than a year old)HDTV.However it is only a 720p ,32 inch.I have a DVD player that supposedly upconverts regular DVDS,but I want to buy a Blu-Ray Player.With my TV will I notice a difference between my upconverted DVDs on Dvd player...


Blu Ray is designed to be at it's native resolution of 1080. When it plays on a 720p TV, the image is...

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What USB Wireless adapters work in the Sony Bluray BDP-S360?

I have a Sony Bluray player, model BDP-S360 and it doesn't come with wireless, but I can get Sony's USB Wireless adapter..only it runs $80. Can anyone tell me where I can find a list of supported working USB wireless adapters that will work in a Sony...


Only an adapter made by Sony will work with your player. You can read more about the problem, and why...

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1080p upconverter dvd player question?

Toshiba has just come out with a 1080p upconvert dvd player that is suppossed to upconvert better than any on the market.I understand that this new EXD toshiba dvd player is not (by any stretch of the imagination) going to compare to bluray.I have a...


Not possible. 480 lines vs 1080 lines is what you start with. When you upconvert 480 to 1080, you still...

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