Where can I find a cheap snowboard with bindings and boots?

Let’s learn where can I find a cheap snowboard with bindings and boots. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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What is a good site/store to find extremely cheap snowboard boots and/or bindings?

I have been trying to find snowboard boots and bindings for months. I ordered some great boots but the company that sent them screwed up everything and now I don't have any (its a ...show more


Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/ Burton: http://www.burton.com/default.aspx Sims (Cool Site): http://www.simsnow...

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ebay. mountainsports is a relatively high income sport, and often times people will buy a snowboard...

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Could anyone get me a snowboard package, or atleast get me the right snowboard, bindings, and boots?

I would like a snowboard package or to at least buy a snowboard and seperate bindings and boots. I would like a 138 to 140 cm snowboard with mens size seven or eight boots and cool ...show more


You could just go to a local sports store and they will help you pick out stuff that all goes together...

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I recently bought a used snowboard with Burton Step in bindings. Where can I find/buy boots for that type?

Are there any other companies' who's step in boots are compatible with Burton's? If so, which? Thanks for the help.


buy boots from burton too, or u can go to a snow park place and buy from them. they have a lot of those...

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Snowboard Boots vs. Snowboard Bindings?

I have recently upgraded my snowboard from a 5150 vice package with boots and bindings to a Burton Twin with no bindings or boots. I have 400 dollars to spend and would like to ...show more


I am not gonna write alot.. But just trying to get the votes more on the boots side. If you have shitty...

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How to find the right bindings and boots for a snowboard?

I just bought a new snowboard for next season and i am now looking at bindings/boots for it. I have snowboarded a lot before but this is my 1st time owning my own board. I was ...show more


get boots and bindings that go together, ie, if you get k2 bindings get k2 boots, that way they will...

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Where can I find good deals on snowboards with bindings and boots?

I'm looking for a snowboard that comes with the bindings and boots of my size. Where can I find them for a good price?


def. agree ^^ got my Forum Faction bindings there for $136. and hurry 50-70% off sale!

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I need help with my snowboard bindings!!!!!!!!!!?

So I got a used snowboard and bindings/boots for Christmas but the boots are too small.I can't find new ones though because I don't know what kind they are.they have a metal ...show more


If they are like mine, they are interchangeable. I can buy any sized bindings and screw them onto my...

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Where to find cheap snowboard bindings?

I was wondering where to find a cheap set of snowboard bindings. I have a pair of size 13 DC Patrol snowboard boots and an ESP board. I also wanted to know if all snowboard bindings ...show more


if you mean you have an EST board, than no, only EST bindings will work with it. check out dogfunk.com...

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How should my snowboard boots and bindings fit?

I just brought my first snowboard. I got vans aura boots and burton stiletto bindings. I got it all set up but when I strap in my boots and bindings are pretty tight. When I unstrap ...show more


Yes, they will pack out a little as you ride them. Being a little snug is not a bad thing as long as...

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