Where can I find a good guide for a civil service exam?

Let’s learn where can I find a good guide for a civil service exam. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by wiki.answers.com.

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I would call the post office on that one.

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The library

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Is there a study guide for the Civil Service Exam?

I saw an ad in the paper for a position as a Biling/Posting Cleck and also a Secretary 7/8-MRS position here in Michigan. Ive never taken let alone heard of this kind of test. So my question is, is there some kind of study guide for the test or just...


Probably. There's a book on everything. Try the public library first.

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Where can I find an exam proctoring service in the Chicago Loop?

I'm taking a course distance learning at a university not in Chicago and i'm in need of an exam proctoring service located in the Loop or close to the Loop. I've tried the public libraries and several colleges, but none of them offer the service. Any...


Try to find old students who have taken the course, they might have back papers that you can use.

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Where can I find a practice exam for a School Food Service Helper? Lunch Lady?

I just got the letter today and the written exam is in a week and I would like some idea of what kind of questions will be on the exam.


Sorry, I could not find any practice exams on line for a school food service handler./

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Where can I find a copy of the Chinese civil service exam?

We're discussing the classic Chinese civil service exam now in Chinese history class, and we're wondering whether anyone knows of an existing copy of the test. It could be online or by text (in which case, we'll order it). Thanks!


Chinese civil service exam

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How long does it usually take after the NY civil service exam to find out if you qualify for a position?

I plan on taking the New York State civil service exam (UPO-1) in the fall and I am curious as to know how long does it take to recieve a canvass letter (of course pending I do well ...show more


months and months. very slow.

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Is passing the Civil service exam will help me find a job?

Hi! I have been working as a cashier for preety long time. Want to do something better.What can I do in a short period of time? Is passing Civil service exam will get me a better job? ...show more


I have worked for the federal government before and civil servie exams are ancient history. You are...

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How can I find out the next postal service exam dates in FL?

I'm trying to figure out when the next postal service exam will be. I live in south FLA,. I would like to seek employment with the USPS. I looked online and websites advised that ...show more


Go to usps.com and click on the link for employment. Do NOT use the other link provided by Manny. That...

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How can I find people from Bangalore who are preparing for the UPSC civil service exam?

I need to study with someone who are on the same boat. All my friends are not interested in civil service exam and I'm getting distracted every time when I start to study. Even the suggestions and ideas to concentrate are welcome.


I used to live there and I met few friends at JTS institue, its at Shivaji Nagar. I highly recommend...

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