Where can I find which items I can write off as a 1099 contractor?

Let’s learn where can I find which items I can write off as a 1099 contractor. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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You won't find one as it is literally infinite. You can deduct any "ordinary" and "necessary...

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If I worked briefly as an independent contractor & made too little for a 1099, can I still get any write offs?

Made less than $100, can I still write off any home office items, even just a little bit?


You have to claim the income to get the deducts

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How do you convince a loved one that they need to let go of items that no longer serve them?

This is such a personal and difficult situation to present to you while protecting someone we love. Someone we know well, has failing health, and moderate dementia something likened to alzheimers. They forgot they owned a rather large business, and closed...


Why do you want them to? There are plenty of things that 'serve' us, but not obviously. Like my baby...

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How can you free file with w2's and a 1099 with a bunch of write offs?

I usually just go to HRblock and free file, but this year is different. I have a 1099 and w2s. I could not find a place to enter a 1099-misc. Me and the wife usually make less than 25k and have 2 kids. so we always get the full amount back and earned...


Freefile sites don't include self employment (your 1099). You can have them done free at a VITA or TCE...

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I need to file my taxes, my former boss is avoiding my calls and i need a 1099 form from her, help?

I worked all of 2011 up untill October (10 months max.) Even though I was getting payed cash at times, I would receive checks about half of the time. The checks had the company name printed on them, somewhere along the line I went from being an employee...


It's true you don't need a 1099. Good businesses will issue one when the compensation is over $599....

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Help me question on 1099 and writing off mileage on taxes?

I am an independent contractor for a delivery company but i am still dependent on my parents as i goto school and live at home. the problem is my parents still write me off on their taxes and i am concerned that i will not be able to write off my mileage...


Do not start your own company. What you need to ensure you have is a mileage log to show exactly how...

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First time self employed - what can be deducted? Therapy, bike, health?

Hello! I am an independent contractor (1099 Misc form) for the first time in my life and need some tax advice as the budget is a bit tight! Therapy, acupuncture, bicycle, insurance, computer, etc. How do deductions work? THERAPY: Weekly counseling, possible...


There's a book on this. It's probably worth the $20.

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Help with small business tax question?

I'm a self employed/independent contractor and I am interested in paying a friend to be my business consultant. I've heard that you can pay someone up to $600 and not pay taxes on it or maybe just not have to put together a 1099 for them? I want to find...


If she is a true consultant and NOT an employee, once you pay her $600, you MUST issue her a 1099-MISC...

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Can I get tax write offs with a salaried job either w2 or w4 and independent contractor 1099 job?

If I have two jobs: one salaried and one independent contractor 1099. Can I still get tax write offs such as home office, vehicle usage, phone, food, etc. for my 1099 earnings?


You can write off valid expenses that help you earn income. Home office deduction depends on what you...

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Where do you send the 1099 if the contractor moved and you can find no address?

If you have no address for someone who did contracting work for you, do you just send the 1099 to the IRS noting that you have no address? What if you don't even have a valid previous address for the contractor?


You send it to the last known address. You are required to get name, address and TIN from the contractor...

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