Where can I get a cheap family skiing holiday?

Let’s learn where can I get a cheap family skiing holiday. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Squats, cycling and swimming - anything that will strengthen your legs, really. It's all in zee knees...

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Can anyone give me a shopping list for a skiing holiday?

my friends and i have just booked a skiing holiday to romania in january. we are first time skiiers and have no idea about what we need to take with us or what we can get when we are ...show more


thick socks sallopets a good ski jacket goggles hat gloves suncream lipsil boots, poles and skis (most...

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Ski Holiday - Cardiff to france?

Does anybody know where i can get a cheap sky holiday to france leaving from cardiff on the 14th of september and coming home on the 17th. I have never been skiing before but i wanted to go for my g/f bday, so i dont know which parts of france are the...


I think September is too early, I would imagine most resorts don't open before November. I know that...

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Working holiday New Zealand?

Im Irish 21 and was hoping to travel to new Zealand this may for 3 months for the skiing season.ill need to get a job, hopefully in a ski resort like Treble Cone or something. there are agreement between Ireland and New Zealand so i can get a working...


In reply to user Pagrus: ignore them big time - they have been copying and pasting this answer to every...

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Cheap snow holiday in Europe?

Hi everyone! I'm planning to take my partner to a surprise holiday for her birthday/st valentine's this February. She loves snow and in Glasgow we don't seem to get much... Can you suggest of a good place in Europe/UK with snow (not interested in skiing...


The Cairngorms - not too far from you. There are Forestry wooden chalets which you can rent near the...

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Ski holiday- Where to start?

I have posted this elsewhere but don't seem to be erring replies so I've changed the category. I'm sorry for asking what may seem a very silly question but I've never been on a skiing holiday before so I genuinely know NOTHING about them. I basically...


If you have not actually paid for the trip then check the information for the resort. Look for a resort...

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Does anybody not like skiing?

My boyfriend would like me to go skiing with him and his family and i'm 16 and never been ! but there are some downfalls i don't get a beach holiday and if i do i have to ...show more


Go to the slopes and take the lessons from the ski school. DO NOT TAKE THEM FROM YOUR BOYFRIEND, if...

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First beach holiday in 15 yrs (to Skiathos)... what do I take????

I'm off to Skiathos in 2 weeks time with my partner and being more used to skiing and Scottish walking holidays I really want to keep my packing to a minimum as the weight allowance is 15kg!!! I'm staying 5 mins walk from the Koukounaries beach which...


Take just small amounts of shampoo, conditioner etc, and just one bottle of suncream.......then buy...

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Toddler was a great sleeper now a screaming, crying child help we go on holiday thurs!?

Hi my little boy was a great sleeper, he would do 7.30-7.30 every night, sometimes more but the last couple of weeks he has had odd waking up spells (he is now 20 months) and it is building into a problem. I thought it may have been because he would...


My son (2 years ) started this at about 23 months. He started being difficult to put down at night as...

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(Old joke): Jack decided to go skiing with his buddy, Bob?

They loaded up Jack's mini van and headed north. After driving for a few hours, they got caught in a terrible blizzard. They pulled into a nearby farm and asked the attractive lady who answered the door if they could spend the night. I realize it's terrible...


That's funny now! You made my day better!

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