Where can i get a cheap ticket to kenya?

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Does anyone know where and when i can get the cheapest ticket from Dallas, TX to Nairobi, Kenya?

i want a (1) round trip ticket to Nairobi Kenya from Dallas Texas. I'm willing to travel any time of the year; the cheapest i can get. anyone know any agents or web sites where i can find the tickets?


FROM USD. 1200 Please feel free to drop me an email on gmworldair@habari.co.tz, we also arrange for...

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Is it possible to get a one way ticket to kenya?

I am doing an overland trip that starts in Nairobi and ends in cape town. Is it possible to get a one way ticket from Canada to Kenya? I hold both a Canadian and a British passport. The travel agent said they couldn't do it and that i needed a return...


Some counties you have to show a return ticket so they know you are not staying there for some reason...

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How much money will my mum need for a 3 week trip to kenya?

my mum has always wanted to go to kenya and if i can find the funds i am toying over buying the flight ticket how much money will my mum need taking the following facts into account 1, my mum has a friend in kenya and who lives in the kapsebet area and...


You will need to give at least $2000,because it is expensive at the coast.There are many Western Union...

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Is it possible to change a flight ticket into someone elses name?

my dad tried to get me to go to kenya for a holiday but im not much of the outdoor type so i didnt go, anywayz now i have a ticket valid for 1 year to kenya.. is it possible to put this ticket on someone else name in my family who would much rather want...


Probably not but the only way to know for sure is to call the airline. That's the only intelligent thing...

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A concert ticket seller scratched their name off the ticket they sold me. Will I still get in?

I bought a concert ticket off Stubhub for an upcoming show. The ticket was originally issued from Live Nation, a major concert promoter and ticket distribution company (like Ticketmaster). Live Nation usually prints the name of the ticket buyer in small...


ehhh you should be fine. i mean... you have a ticket! they dont really care if its yours or you found...

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In the State of florida, If you get a ticket and get an extension, is it an automatic conviction?

I have my permit and am supposed to get my license on December 9th. On November 7th I received a ticket and if you have a conviction while having your permit, you have to wait another year to get your license. The 30 day period to pay the ticket is up...


Request a court date, it will probably be outside the thirty days. If it is not, request a continuance...

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Should I get a lawyer for this reckless driving ticket?

A cop gave me a reckless driving ticket after I make a left turn that cut it a bit too close to the oncoming traffic at an intersection. No accident occurred, but I received the ticket for a bit under $300. I was out of town and my parents received the...


I dont know if you could win this or not because I didnt see what happened. From my experience, usually...

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How to get a speeding ticket reduced to no points?

I was issued a speeding ticket for doing 78 MPH in a 55 MPH zone in PA on 322. I was probably going close to that speed although it seems a little high, I lost track of my speed. This was my first ticket. I was polite with the cop and he seemed reasonable...


If you get pulled over for anything just try to grab the cop's gun. it shouldn't raise your rates.

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I got pulled over by a cop but didn't get a ticket.?

So this morning I was on my way to school. I drive all the way down my street where it is perpendicular with a highway. As I approached the stop sign, I looked to see if any cars were approaching. Two were, but they werent near so I "rolled"...


If he didn't hand you a ticket then you didn't get one. The only time they mail you a ticket is from...

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Can I get approved for a passport and travel visa if I have an unpaid speeding ticket?

About a year ago I was leaving WA and heading back to school in Oregon and got my first speeding ticket (I received the ticket in WA). When I got back to school I wrote a letter to the judge and then a month passed and I never heard anything. I had completely...


you need to pay your fine before you show up at your appointment....or your wasting your time..

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