Where can I make a video intro online?

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Anyone know how I can make a cool intro video?

I am trying to start a new tech channel on youtube and I need an inro. The channel will have unboxings, reviews, gameplay and more! But like all other tech channels, I need a cool intro. Ive watched videos from people like goldglove and Rawinstinct and I would like to know how to make intros like they have... Please Help!!!!


Use a professional video editing software like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere or After Effects...

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Can someone make me a decent video intro and outro for YouTube?

I'm a small time commentator for YouTube and I need a video intro and outro, it's just that none of my friends will help me and I suck at making things like this. I go by DX_Solar (officially), and I don't really have many requests about it, except that...



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Where can i download kh2 intro 2 make a music video? and also the first kh intro?

please help me I tried kh-vids.net but it goes 2 filefront which doesnt work.


The actual video of the intro, I can't help you there, but you can download the music from Bearshare...

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Can somebody please make me a youtube video intro?

I have a new youtube channel and i am looking for an intro but i don't know how to make one so if somebody can make me one that would really help me out a lot i will give you a shout out on both my channels. If you can just email me or pm me on youtube...


I can try making a short intro for you. If I make it I can pm ur youtube or upload video as unlisted...

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Can Anyone Make Me A Video Intro?

Please! please please make me an intro my u tube name is AxRProGaming make sure to get it spelled right PLEASE!!! i cant make a good one on windows movie maker and do whatever looks cool to you


No, learn.

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Can someone make me a intro video for my youtube videos?

Ive been trying to do this but i simply cant!! If you know how to make intro videos can you please let me know. thank you so much for your time :D contact me here: http://www.youtube.com/user/elitemist?feature=mhee https://twitter.com/#!/Elitemist


In answer to your "Yes/No" question, "can some one make ... ", the answer is "...

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Video Editing: How can I make "Apple OS X intro"-like text and animation?

I'm looking for a way to make "Apple OSX intro"-like text and animations, how can this be done in like Sony Vegas?


I'm not sure that Vegas Pro is the appropriate tool for that job. Vegas appears to be a non-linear video...

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Does anyone know somebody who can make a video like Orggit intro vid?

There is an intro video on Orggit and it is super cool. Any leads would be nice??


i can make a intro for you with the program called after effects or you can buy the program and read...

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Can someone make me a video intro for YouTube?

I been trying so long to make one but I honestly don't know what I'm doing and it turns out looking horrible. If someone who knows what to do can help me out i would really ...show more


There is a great website names flixpress, it allows you to create an into with your custom settings...

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You MAY need to download an editing program such as "Sony Vegas" OR you may be able to do...

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