Where can I watch dance videos online for free?

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I would like to dance, but I have no one to dance with or teach me. What websites or videos can I watch?

I'm a person who's always been "Fighting" all his life ( I take Karate and MMA and I spar a lot) so I am pretty stiff backed and legged, so what else can I do to loosen up? What websites can I go that'll help teach me how to dance? What videos? Any hints? What should I do? I would like to learn to dance Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, perhaps things like breakdancing, maybe what LMFAO does, junk like that (I mostly just want to know how to dance to Salsa and how to keep myself active during...


well since you have experience in martial arts, you will have no problem picking up bboy. the only thing...

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Try "www.metacafe.com". It's one of the best out there. For unlimited questions, call 1.8...

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For everyone really bored...wanna help me and watch some dance videos!?

hey, this is for everyone who is really bored lol. I need some cool hip-hop dance moves that i can work into my junior miss talent. I am doing a dance to I believe by Yolanda Adams, and the first part is just ballet, then I cut it so the next part is...


Have you heard of the Boogie Bots from America's Best Dance Crew? Before they were on the show, they...

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Go to killsometime.com. click on Funny Videos and watch Evolution of Dance.?

what is the name of the country song before Turn Margaret


jebadi joe

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Swing Dance- good online videos to learn from??

Where can i go to see steps to learning swing dance? Like videos online that I can watch for free. I'm a beginner and female. Thanks!!


Swing is a social dance, and it's cool you're looking for resources online to learn from, but when it...

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I can't make Kpop dance videos?

I asked mom that can i make a kpop dance video. She said no and its embarrassing to her family. all the kpop fans are doin it!!!!!!!!! i wanna do it too. She said something about if I make a kpop video, i would put myself in danger, itll be all over...


A well respected company can fire you for complaining about the work on facebook or twitter, however...

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I am dying to learn how to dance like this but i dont know where i can go to learn!?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2iBnYdOpFI&feature=related i really like this kinda dance, freestyle, but i dont know where i can go to learn how to dance, ive tried looking at youtube videos and trying to copy but its really hard and ive also tried...


I think it's a mix of Break-dance, Hip-Hop and Techno. Your best bet would probably be HipHop or Breakdance...

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Can I Dance? Please Watch and tell me what you think.?

Right, i personally dont think i can dance well. But when i go out to clubs or if im jsut messing around dancing, my gf, my friends or jsut randomers say im a good dancer, that im good with my feet and that i have good rythm. Now, i LOVE to dance, and...


I think you have some real natural ability. You have a good sense of rhythm and your body movements...

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help me learn a dance routine.

I need to learn a dance routine for a video clip I am starring in. I can remember all the moves, but am struggling to remember what comes next as I do the dance. How can I make it stick in my brain? The video is shooting on Saturday. I will have approximately...


Another trick is to practise the routine from the end. That is, practise the last move. Then practise...

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