Where is my pop-up blocker icon on the yahoo toolbar?

Let’s learn where is my pop-up blocker icon on the yahoo toolbar. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I don't see my pop-up blocker icon on my yahoo toolbar?

Installed yahoo toolbar, then added antispy. I cannot find pop-up blocker icon and it is no where in the menu


click the pencil icon and select toolbar options and check d box of pop up blocker.

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My Yahoo toolbar has no popup blocker icon and no Tools icon, so how can I turn off popup blocker permanently?

I have reviewed all of the options for adding buttons to my Yahoo toolbar, and there are no options to add a Tools button or a Popup Blocker button. Is there another way to add one or both of these buttons?


rt click on open spot of tool bar,click standard buttons. tools ect will show. yahoo tool bar,click...

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You can use the Internet Explorer pop-up blocker which is what the other person was trying to say. Click...

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Yahoo toolbar?

yahoo toolbar in internet explorer has an option to set popups now i downloaded firefox then yahoo toolbar but no icon appeared for popup options i go to add ons and a popup blocker isnt even listed. i have a friend that has an int exp problem so im...


The pop-up blocker for Firefox is built-in. Under Firefox click Tools, click Options and on the options...

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Why do I not see "View Recently Blocked Pop-Ups" in the Yahoo! Toolbar Pop-UPs drop down menu?

When I hear the sound indicating the Yahoo Toolbar PopUp blocker has blocked a PopUp, I used to click on the Icon, and choose the "View Recently Blocked Pop-Ups" selection from the drop down menu. But that selection disappeared. I uninstalled...


i think they have removed that i cant c mine either

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How do I disable the popup blocker on the Yahoo toolbar?

The popup blocker on the Yahoo toolbar is not allowing several things to work which I want to work, includingmy Yahoo radiostation! HOW DO I DISABLE THE POPUP BLOCKER ON THE YAHOO TOOLBAR...IT'S VERY ANNOYING!!!



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The Yahoo toolbar takes enough space on my screen. I need Yahoo popup blocker (if it is available).?

I searched for Yahoo tollbar popup blocker. I would click Yahoo toolbar And simply get into another search engine. So i Clicked that option. Another search. I already have the toolbar. Is there an option on the toolbar? Or do I have to hunt for one online...


Click on the pencil in your Yahoo Toolbar. Click on Toolbar Options. Check the box next to Pop Up Blocker...

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How do i reinstall yahoo toolbar and add yahoo pool to my popup blocker so i can play pool online?

hi i'm unable to play yahoo pool online because i'm unable to add the pool site and the games site to my yahoo popup blocker. how do i readd everything and reinstall my popup blocker?


Try FireFox with Google Toolbar The award-winning, free Web browser is better than ever. Browse the...

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I down loaded yahoo's new toolbar last night i had a popup blocker now its gone. why?

last nite i had the popup icon on my tool bar this morning it and my popup blocker was gone


It is possible the pop-up blocker is still there but hidden. This is often the case. To show Pop-up...

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Why don't I have the popup blocker on the yahoo toolbar I recently downloaded?

I just downloaded the new Yahoo toolbar and now I don't see the popup blocker. Any idea where it went?


It didn't go anywhere. Yahoo! documentation is a little misleading. Nowadays you have to add the buttons...

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