Where is the best place to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July in South Florida?

Let’s learn where is the best place to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July in South Florida. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Bicentennial Park

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Where is the best place to watch fireworks on Merritt Island in Florida?

We are looking for the best fireworks show on Merritt Island. Preferably a coastal beach town with a good long show. Do they do any near KSC? We were hoping to catch the show right off the bridge over the St. Johns river, but we don't know which towns...


Cocoa Beach will put on a fantastic show.

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Best place to go watch fireworks in Bradenton, Florida?

My Grandma and I are planning to watch the fireworks on the fourth of July. But we want to know the best spot in Bradenton to go to? We were thinking Bradenton Beach, but we're ...show more


well usually they have hem at the Sandbar restaurant on the 4th but they arent doing them this year...

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Today, tomorrow, & Sunday beginning at 12PM there's the Freedom, Fanfare & Fireworks in downtown...

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Quiet, Chill Place to Watch the Fireworks in San Francisco for the 4th

I am looking for a place to watch the fireworks in San Francisco on the fourth with some annoyingly specific requirements. My bf's family is coming into town and for some unknown reason really want to see the fireworks. Complications: they hate crowds...


The suggestion I'd make is: don't watch the SF fireworks. 8 times out of 10, they get so fogged in you...

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Where to watch fireworks in sanford ,florida?



From a boat on the St John River... Great view of Riverwalk festivities!

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Best place to watch fireworks in Boston for a family with younger kids?

Now I've lived in Boston my whole life and have been, for the most part, going to the same place every year in Wakefield I believe to watch fireworks. That spot is fine and all, but I think it'd be nice to change it up and find a new spot to relax and...


I used to watch by the chirch in Charlstown but now there are too many trees. Now I go behind the science...

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Best place to watch downtown houston fireworks?

My boyfriend and I, both 17, are planning to get some snacks and watch the downtown houston fireworks together for the 4th of July. I have heard that a couple of the parks downtown are very good spots to watch the fireworks. Which parks are they? And...


Definitely Eleanor Tinsley Park on Allen Parkway. It's usually a big street party for the 4th.

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Good place to watch fireworks and bbq in overland park, Ks?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a park that is a good place to bbq and watch the fireworks around the overland park and olathe area? Somewhere that's not too busy like shawnee mission park or corporate woods. But somewhere that it is still close enough...


We usually watch the Corporate Woods show from the parking lot near 119th and I-69, where Tanner's is...

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Where is a good place to park, and watch the webn fireworks in cincinnati?

This is my first year attending the webn fireworks and I need a good place to park so I don't have to walk to far to watch the fireworks.


The KY side is always better I think. Anywhere in Newport, like by the levee and stuff and you can walk...

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