Where to buy a snowboard jacket?

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What is a good ski/snowboard jacket?

Going to Breckenridge Colorodo in about a week for a snowboard trip, need to know what qualities should I look for when buying a jacket? A buddy of mine told me to get something with ...show more


I don't know what 10k/10k means. I have never seen that before. I love my Patagonia Powder Bowl, but...

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Where to buy snowboard jacket?

I need a new snowboard jacket this year, but i'm not sure where to buy one other than West 49 or Sportchek? Thanks! By the way I live in Canada, so stores there aha


You can buy snowboarding gear (jackets, waterproof pants, etc...) online super cheap. A good place to...

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Where can I buy a 686 snowboard jacket with a pattern of a women's face?

Its the brand 686, the jacket is from a couple season old and my question is where can i buy it? I saw someone wearing it and i love it, the color I saw it in was pink, (two shades of ...show more


at 686.com just saw one there

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Where is the best place to buy a snowboard jacket for under $100?

I'm looking for name-brand jackets that are insulated. The store can be online.


Don't overlook Amazon as they have a massive collection of Snow Gear covering Snow Skiing, Snowboards...

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sounds good to me. I surf in temperatures below freezing in 40 degree water and stay toasty warm with...

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Can you buy Team USA's snowboard pants or jacket?

I love team usa's uniform in this years winter olympics, and I'm wondering if they're for sale or will be for sale anywhere. any help is appreciated :)


i also wondered the same thing--I loved the 2006 team USA outfits but thats when i found out they were...

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Should I buy a white snowboard jacket?

I am an intermediate level rider. So I don't fall that often unless I'm trying something new. I need recommendations because I don't want to ride all day looking DIRTY. ...show more


I had one that was incredibly hard to keep clean. I won't get another one again.

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Will the Burton U.S. Olympic snowboard jacket be released for the public to buy?

They are awesome and I am wondering if anyone knows if Burton Snowboards will be selling them after the Olympics are over. And if so, does anyone know when?


I wont be surprised if they are doing what RedBull does. Makes us want it so we go to their web site...

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gf debate bust size snowboard jacket clothes

my gf is a bra size 36D. she wants to buy a burton kids snowboard jacket, XL, or XXL. the XL is chest size 41, the XXL is chest 43". we are having a debate, is her chest size including her bust. or not. so what chest size should she get for her...


Hi markp-ga, In answer to your first question: yes her chest size will include her bust. The 36D you...

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Looking for snowboard jacket? Which should I get?

I want to buy a new snowboard jacket and I want something warm and a nice jacket, preferably with 20000 or greater mm fully taped seams... Price is not an issue... I also want ...show more


how about these ones? http://weargood.com/5230-af-coat

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