How to buy a snowboard?

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How to select/ buy a snowboard?

I just moved to the States; I'm a Surfer and a Skater but can't do it anymore were I am... I want to start snowboarding and want to buy a new board... I'm 5'3", more


Go to a store and talk to an employee there. They'll be able to size you up and match you with a board...

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How do i buy a snowboard?

I am 5'7" and i am pretty skinny. I just want a snowboard that i can snowboard around town with, and maybe go hit up a park 5 times a year. I am truly a beginner and have more


stand the board next to you, the top of the board should go right above your chin. i'm also 5'7 and...

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How to buy a snowboard online with correct size?

If I want to buy a snowboard online how do i know what size i need? If i go to a board shop i know that one way is to measure it up to your nose or chin. But I don't know what more


Rider height-------Range of Board length (cm) 4 Feet ---------109cm 4'2"------------114 -120cm...

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What snowboard should I buy and how do I get better at it?

I am 5-10, about 160 and am looking to buy a snowboard and boots. I am not that great at snowboarding but am looking to try and get out more. I have had lessons and been out a more


Visit the Frosty Rider site There is a snowboard size calculator there and...

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I want to buy a snowboard. How is this one?

Hi, I'm looking to buy a snowboard, and seeing online on local stores (Toronto), I will end up having to spend $800 or more for board, shoes, & bindings. This one below is the more


Look on ebay, you should be able to get board boots and bindings for $2-400, Might need to wait a little...

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How to convince mom to buy me snowboard?

My mom won't buy me a snowboard...


Your parents cant always buy everything for you. Use your own money.

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How much does it cost to rent a snowboard and buy a lift ticket?

my friend asked me to go snowboarding with her tomorrow...never been snowboarding before so i need to rent a snowboard, boots, and a ski lift much in total do u think it more


50-80$. bring your own lunch. food is expensive.

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What size snowboard boots to buy? How do they fit?

No local stores to try on boots, so I would need to order online. I wear a size 11 (men's) in street shoes, but do snowboard boots fit big (where I would need to go down a more


Mine are the same size as my shoes. Most boots out now have it so you can warm up the insole and get...

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How long snowboard should I buy?

I'm about 5'11", weigh about 150 pounds and where a size 11 shoe. How long and wide of a board should I get? My main reason for asking is I have a chance to buy a 152 for more


well,my snowboard is a little longer than it should be as i like to do tricks, but i got it long, and...

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How do I find out what size board and bindings I need if im going to buy a snowboard?

I have always rented my board when I go snowboarding so I never really payed any attention to what size they gave me, but now I want to buy one bc I will be in the snow a lot this more


All the sizing charts will tell you something different if it is for a different type of board and a...

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