How to buy a demo a snowboard?

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How safe is it to buy a demo snowboard?

A ski rental shop in my area sells demo Burton Feelgoods. The price is right, but is it worth all the wear from being a demo?


It is just as safe as buying any other used snowboard. If there are some minor scratches then you will...

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Best place to demo ski/snowboard equiptment in vermont?

what is the best place to demo skiing or snowboard equiptment in vermont so u get the most possible discounts from demoing to when you buy the equiptment thanks


I used to ski at Killington until they went bankrupt and sold the place and the prices got higher. two...

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Whats the difference between a demo snowboard and a non-demo one?

Some guy is selling me his K2 Parkstar Demo 2012 for a good price. I just want to know if is there any difference between the non-demo version and the demo version. Is the demo more


the name

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If I buy a demo ps3 can I update it? Is it a good idea to buy a demo?

Im a little short on cash and I want to buy a ps3 and the only ones I found were demos. But my friend is being a douche and is saying that demos are crap and if newer games come out I cant update it so therefore I cant buy newer games. So I would love...


I don't think that stores sell their demo/display models.

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Is it cheaper to buy parts for a snowboard or buy a snowboard pre made?

I want a new snowboard and i want to know which one is cheaper


boards dont usually come "pre-made" (a "complete" snowboard is a better term. You...

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If im just learning to snowboard should i buy a cheap snowboard?

i was thinking if i buy a cheap snowboard then if i dont like it i didnt just waste a lot of money on somthing im not gonna use.


Cheap is good. Make sure that it is an entry level beginner board. Ask the tech shop guy at your local...

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Can i buy a 145cm snowboard for a 5'5 ft person?

i'm new to snowboarding. i have snowboarded once but i'm going again soon and i want to get buy a snowboard. Also, what kind of good quality snowboarding brands do you recommend and where to buy inexpensive ones online? I've been looking everywhere,...


There are a lot a good snowboards out there. If you buy them like right after the seasons over you can...

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hey everybody i was wondering, with the christmas season coming along, wud it be smart of me to BUY a snowboard? im 14, 5' NOT RENT, BUT BUY A SNOWBOARD. thats all i more


Yes it saves a lot of money the pass+renting adds up after a few times so to buy one would be smarter...

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Where can i demo a snowboard?

The best place to board that is close to me is in Wisconsin, is there anywhere in that area where i can demo a snowboard? I have a Burton Clash its a beginner board and i'm more


Well i know Burton is doing a demo tour. I'm sure they have the dates and locations on the site. But...

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How does the demo snowboard package work?

i just saw it on the newspaper that said "demo snowboard package w/bindings for $99"... how does that work? if I like the package, do I get to keep it and pay the rest later?


ive never heard of something like that...

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