Where to find a car radio?

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It depend on where you live and the store hours but for online try cartoys.com they may be able to overnight...

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Where can I find the fuse of my car radio (ford festiva1994)?

I've checked the fuse box under the steering wheel on the right. There are the fuses of other devices, such as cigarette lighter, lights, etc. but no radio/sterio fuse. I've dismantled the radio unit and checked the back of the radio around the harness...


There should be a fuse for the dash electronics. But car radio's have a fuse of their own. Its usually...

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Where to find a car radio.?

Im looking for a cheap car radio to put in my pt cruiser. Where can i find one thats about 35$ or cheaper. Hellllp!:)


You likely won't find a very good unit for that price even buying used, ebay is always worth a shot...

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Where can I find information on the invention of the car radio in 1920? Please Help!!!!!!!!!?

I am doing a one page paper in the invention of the car radio in the 1920's! I have searched google and a few other search engines. I really need to find this info so if you can help me that would be greatly appreciated! Thanx!


WILLIAM P. LEAR (1902 - 1978) Audio, automotive and aircraft apparatus Bill From the 1930s to the 1...

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Where can I find a car radio with a built in hard drive to store MP3 songs?

No adapters or anything of the sort. A car radio that can store MP3 songs. That's it or at least something where I can dock a Zune that's not an attachment.


For Example: Sony makes a line of car stereo media player "head units" that store an iPod...

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Where can i find the radio reset code in my car manual?

I had to have a new battery and now i cant use my radio. All it says is "CODE", which i assume is some kind of reset code. Does anyone know where can i find the reset code ...show more


With your car being a 96, you will need to have the serial number of the radio which is located on the...

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The best place to check is in an accessory store for phones as you can be able to get the device for...

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Where can I find a good thing to hook up my ipod to my car radio?

I'm not sure what it is called but I want to know what it is called and where I can find one? I want one that is inexpensive but still works good and isn't hard to set up and work (I had one and you had to change the station every 5 seconds to a station...


Hi Zoe <3, I would recommend this product: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?… It has...

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