Which is better: Sheer Cover, Bare Minerals or Loreal's Minerals?

Let’s learn which is better: Sheer Cover, Bare Minerals or Loreal's Minerals. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Neither one both are actually VERY bad for your skin because they contain bismuth an ingredient that...

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Has anyone used Sheer Cover AND bare minerals?

I’ve been using Sheer Cover for a week now and I do like it but I’m not sure that I’m using it 100% correctly, and I’ve asked them to send me another color because I ordered the medium but it looks a bit orangey so I think I need...


I've used both and I prefer the sheer cover hands down. I just don't care for the bare minerals at all...

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Should I buy Sheer Cover or Bare Minerals?

I've tried Sheer cover before and it works great but sometimes i find that it makes my face look kinda cakey. I did a research on Bare Minerals and the majority of reviews that people gave were pretty much positive plus they said that it gave them a...


Bare Minerals. It comes out natural looking and very well.

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That depends on many factors, including skin type, purpose of the makeup, and how long you want it on...

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Is Loreals bare naturals the same as bare minerals really?

I have heard and read different things so I thought I'd ask again and get some new opinions. I don't really want to spend the $73 to get the bare minerals starter kit if i can pay $15 for Loreal.


They are sum what the same. L'oreal has more ingredients and not all of them are natural. Bare minerals...

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Bare minerals or sheer cover?

if someone with a dark skin tone has used either of these, please let me know how it works for you. Also, does it stay on when you sweat?? someone had suggested that sheer cover was better for younger women and teenagers, than bare minerals, why is that...


bare minerals gives a unique look

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Does Bare Minerals really cover up,does it coverup as much as MAC makeup?

I want a make up that wont look too chalky but that will cover up all my redness and blemishes , is Bare Minerals time consuming with all the steps, I dont have to much time to spend doing my makeup with work and taking the kids to babysitting and school...


It takes less than a minute to apply. It is super fast and your skin looks flawless. I have been using...

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Bare minerals / escential minerals?

do they cover up the pimples while making your skin look good? or do you have to wear like a concealor to cover them up? and the minerals is like a powder? im confused lol but im interested in buyin it soo..help me please =]


Bare Minerals is a great product. You control the amount of coverage, if you need more in certain places...

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:) Sheer Cover Makeup Line?

VS. Bare Minerals. I've done my fair share of research on both products and figured they must be similar in so many pros. They are both powders except sheer cover has a creamy concealer as well. But anyway, have you ever tried Sheer Cover? I'm more drawn...


if your not in love with Bare Minerals why would you waste your money again? Try the sheer cover make...

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How do I use Pur Minerals foundation?

I have the 4-in-1 Pur Minerals foundation and it says that it can also be used as a concealer, but I find that it doesn't cover my dark circles enough or my blemishes (or when I try to put on enough to cover, it begins to look too powdery :P). So is...


A primer may help. When I have bad breakouts, I use Erase Paste by Benefit.

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