Blu-ray or HD DVD? Which is better and why or are they the same?

Let’s learn blu-ray or HD DVD? Which is better and why or are they the same. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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HD-DVD or Blu-ray? Which player to buy and why?

This holiday season I was so set on buying a HD format player so I can watch movies on the full 1080P resolution of my TVs. Well I did my research... and the results are pretty inconclusive. I found a lot of information on that here, . Please let me know your opinions and if you have a minute vote on the issue at the link above.


IMO. Both of them are just too new. They are also not being put out there as replacements for DVD. You...

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Which technology do you think will win HD-DVD or BluRay DVD?

When Video Cassette Recording was the latest technology Disney brought out of the “Vault” some of it’s oldest films. Films like Snow White and Cinderella. They encouraged everyone to rush out and get a copy before they put them back...


I'll give you a quick, unbiased overview. Even though Blu-Ray has the better upside while going into...

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Does the xbox 360 play bluray or HD DVDs, and is the picture better with HDMI vs. reg Bluray dvd player?

I have an older dvd player (progressive scan sony) and an XBox 360. My xbox 360 is connected via hdmi. What's the best way to play bluray or hd dvds? Can I play one or the more


you can't play blu-rays, and good luck finding HD-DVD's. You'll need to buy a blu-ray player.

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How to watch ext hd movies on tv, which bluray or dvd players work?

Are there any dvd or blu ray players that i can plug my ext hard drive into and watch the movie files saved on the ext hd? I know i can plug the hds into the playstation 3 but im looking for a cheap dvd or blu ray player for my parents to plug the hd...


I can easily play my movies in my USB on TV, just plug in the USB. You could try it before buying TV...

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Hd DVD vs bluray?

with hd dvd soon to unvail hd discs with the storage capacity of upto 150gb compaired to blurays 51gb and hd dvd out selling bluray 3 to 1 in europe yet sales figures of bluray outselling hd at 2to1 in usa the sales figures of bluray owners buying 0...


The VHS - Beta question has come back to haunt us, to be sure, but there's a simple solution. Buy a...

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Power DVD playing bluray and HD DVD?

I have a GGC-H20L Bluray/HDDVD drive. I am using the Power DVD program that came with it, to play both HD DVD and bluray (and DVD) but the player is only working for some disks. On the ones it is not working on, you try and play the disk, the player...


Do you have your computer connected to an HDCP compliant monitor via a digital (HDMI) connection? For...

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Is it possible to burn a 720p HD H.264 encoded movie file to a DVD to see in HD on a bluray player?

I have a movie file on my computer in high definition format (H.264 H@L4.1). Would it be possible to burn this file from my computer onto a DVD for use in a Blu-Ray player and still keep it as 720p HD? I know it won't be a "Blu Ray" because...


give it a try. i know that newest model blu-ray players can playback AVCHD encoded DVD discs. the main...

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Is there a combined bluray/HD DVD player that will upscale normal DVD's to 1080i hi def quality?

I know there are combined bluray/HD DVD players on the market but for me I would prefer to buy a unit that would make my existing DVD collection look half decent.


Upscaling will not produce particularly good results. The upscaling device has to guess what the missing...

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Bluray VS. HD DVD?

Which one do you think is better, BLURAY or HD DVD, and why?


From a totally theoretical perspective Blu-Ray is a superior format ... i.e. based on specifications...

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Will an HD-DVD play on a BLURAY player?

i was looking at a movie on amazon which was an hd dvd. never even heard of that before what is it, is it better than bluray? will it play on a blu ray player?


No, a Blu Ray player will not play an HD-DVD unless you have a Samsung BD-UP5000 or LG Super Blu BH...

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