How to watch YouTube HD through Sony Blu-ray player?

Let’s learn how to watch YouTube HD through Sony Blu-ray player. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How to watch Youtube in HD through Blu-ray player - Google ...

I'm not that big into watching Youtube in HD on the Sony HDTV, just thought it was kinda strange that HD wasn't readily available for such a sophisticated ...

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How to watch Youtube HD through Sony Blu-ray player?

I have a Sony blue-ray player and I can change the resolution of the videos I watch from Youtube.


Sorry to say, but Sony nor any blu ray company lets you watch you tube in full high definition. Hopefully...

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I have a Sony 3D Ready Bluray Player and a Mitsubishi 3D TV. How do I watch 3D movies?

I have nothing setup yet. What do I need to be able to watch 3D stuff? Best answer gets 10 points:)


hook everything up as usual, play it and put TV in 3d mode.

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I have found the same TV without the Bluray player for under 1200 delivered online at Bigpicturesound...

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There is no date set for the Zune HD to make these changes.

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I want a media player that will allow me to watch DVD's in HD on my HD T.V.?

My HD T.V. is a Polaroid 40 in. HD t.v. (720 or 1080 i). I have a DVD player hooked up to it with YPbPr connects (the DVD player doesn't have HDMI). But it says it plays DVD's at 480i (not HD--720 or 1080). My PC is also hooked up to it with VGA connector...


DVDs do not contain HD content. You need the player to perform HDTV 'upconversion'. So while the source...

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What's the right way to connect a Sony Bluray Home theater in a box to my cable box and HD TV?

I have a Sony Blu-Ray that's part of the Theater in a Box, I have a HD DVR cable box from time warner (motorola), and a LG 42" HD TV. The bluray only has one HDMI input, the TV has 2, the cable box has 1. They all have an optical cord input, as...


Based on the equipment I think you have and the cables you are trying to use I suggest. Use your tv...

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Which Bluray player to get? PS3 or Sony BDPS360?

I was going to get the PS3 so I can play some games as well, but primary use is for Bluray movies. After all, I heard that the PS3 had high visual quality just like the other regular Bluray players. But then I saw this on the Sony BDPS360: "With...


PS3 can do everything the BR player as well as play games. It is up to you to decide how important that...

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How do I play Itunes through Sony bluray player?

I have the new Sony bdp-s380 bluray player and a Sony flat screen and Xbox all set up with internet. I can watch youtube, pandora and a bunch of other web content but I tried plugging in my iphone through the usb port and it said it is not recognized...


To play from USB you have to select music from the Crossbar menu, then USB. You will then have access...

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Is a bluray player a waste if one doesn't yet have an HD TV?

I currently have a Proscan 27" CRT TV (proscan is/was the upscale brand by RCA). I found a deal on a sony bluray player and I will eventually be upgrading my tv to an HDTV but my question is if I connect a bluray player to a standard def TV will...


In a nutshell: using a blu-ray player with a non-HD TV is like buying a souped up Lamborghini that you...

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