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Can a ps3 blu-ray player play hd dvd's?

can a blu ray player play hd dvd's? or just blu-ray and regular dvd's


No. You need an HD-DVD player to play HD-DVDs. The PS3 only plays Blu-Ray discs and standard DVDs. It...

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Can a new 2011 blu ray DVD player with built in wi-fi function with a 10 year old big box TV that isn't HD?

My old multi-disc DVD player has died. I need to replace it but it seems most of the DVD players out are blu ray. At least the ones worth buying. I have my eye on a Samsung 5700 blu ray DVD player with built in wi fi. Now it seems that they work best...


Yes, It will work on your TV, IF your TV supports composite cables (The Yellow, White,and red cables...

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Is a combo HD and Blu-ray dvd player better, same, or worse than a seperate Sony Blu-ray player?

I want to know if it is better to buy a Sony Blu-ray dvd player, or should i buy a combo HD and Blu-ray player. Will the combo player work as good as a normal seperate player or is it better to just buy a Blu-ray player?


just buy blu-ray, your not going to get 1080p/24 support with a combo player, and you will with certain...

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Can I use a Blu-Ray DVD player on a non-HD TV?

My traditional DVD player is starting to wear out, so I figure it makes sense to buy a Blu-Ray DVD player; however, the current TV that I have works just fine, but it is not HD or plasma or LCD. Can I hook up a Blu-Ray player to a non-HD TV? Also, will...


Yes, a Blu-ray player will work on a regular TV. But you have 3 choices to hook it up. The component...

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Should I buy an HD DVD player to prolong my Blu Ray player's life?

I currently own a 4 year old Samsung DVD/VCR machine, a 7 month old PS3, a 3 month old Full HD LCD Samsung TV, a HUGE collection of DVDs, a couple of PS3 games and handful of Blu Ray movies. Personally I prefer to play DVDs on the Samsung machine and...


What you meant to ask was, should I buy an upscaling/upconverting DVD player to take some of the load...

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Is this hd dvd player like a blu ray dvd player? please read all of the question =]?

do they have the same quality? can a hd dvd player play blu ray dvds and still get the same out come? can you recommend a blu ray dvd player to me please? Thanks


They both have the same features like 6 times the clarity, better sound. No you can not play HD DVD...

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Can a sony hd dvd player play blu-ray?

I have a Sony HDMI dvd player and i would like to know if it can play blu-ray. I know the PS3 by Sony can play blu-ray but my dvd player doesn't say blu-ray on it. It is hd though.


No and forget that bc Sony killed the HDDVD format so all the HDDVD players are now obsolete. Sony made...

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I need help regarding HDMI/RCA cables for HD tv & blu-ray dvd player?

I have a ps3 and when I brought a Full HD television 2 weeks ago I was told by a friend that I should buy a HDMI cable to connect the two, so to get the best picture quality when playing blu-ray dvd's, so I did. The problem I have, or better still the...


they should defo buy a HDMI cable, quite why the blu-ray player only came with a composite video cable...

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Can I play HD dvds on my blu-ray dvd player?

We have a sony hd tv and a blu-ray dvd player, and I just bought a hd dvd...will it play on our blu-ray dvd player? x


no.hd is not compatible with blu.unless ur blu-ray player has the feature to play hd.e.g. lg player.

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No, the Blu-Ray dvd format is completely different format than a regular dvd. It holds almost 5 times...

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