Which phone would work better with T-Mobile?

Let’s learn which phone would work better with T-Mobile. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by t-mobile.com.

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Will my tmobile phone work in costa rica ?

I will be leaving to costa rica soon. Will my tmobile phone work there? Do I have to set up a plan with tmobile to use it? Please give me any info you have about my phone working ...show more


It should work as long as there is service where you are going. It will most likely cost more if you...

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Will any tmobile phone work on walmart family mobile?

i understand for text, calling, AND web to all work you must have a tmobile branded WFM device. although if i chose a different tmobile phone thats not on the walmart fam mobile lineup will my email client still work? being its on tmobiles network?


T-mobiles is dead man, DEAD.

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How can my tmobile phone(G1) work in el salvador(central america) ?? or can it work?? help me please.thnk you?

on June 5th 2010 im goin to be traveling to el salvador.. and to me is very very important to have my cellphone with me all times.. especially cus thats the way im connected to my fiance. since he in college in vegas and im here in texas at the momment...


T-mobile will charge you $2 a minute to make phone calls from El Salvador, and you will not have service...

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Can a pre-Paid tmobile phone work on a monthly plan by switching Sim card?

i need a tmobile phone for like 30 days until i get a new one.\,,and the pre paid phones are much cheaper...can i just switch the sim card that comes with the pre-paid phone with my sim card and make it work on my plan..


Yes, that will work fine. The phones are actually the same, just packaged (and priced) differently.

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Will my tmobile phone work in amman, jordan?

i have a service through tmobile and i just want to know if i go over seas to amman, jordan if it will still work to make phone calls..i know it would be expensive but i want to know if it will work?? please help


If you dont have any important programs on your phone, you can take your t mobile phone to a cell phone...

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Will my Tmobile phone work in Mexico?

will my Tmobile phone work in Mexico? If it will will It charge me extra for calls and texts?? I have unlimited texting and free weekend and after 9 minutes


Its probably cuz its not a world phone? Just call T mobile.

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If i buy the unlocked sony xperia s from a site like O2 or orange will the phone work on tmobile in the usa?

i want to this phone even though i dont have a data plan at the moment, but will the phone work in california on the t mobile network or do i have to wait for them to actually release it in stores in california


Hi, You will need to make sure that the phone version you buy supports HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 210...

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Will Tmobile phone work in canada?

Hi I have a cingular unlock pearl, I dont have internet but I am able to get yahoo messenger on it and it works. I was wondering if I can get any signal in canada to use the yahoo mess to send message? If I do have signal dont all messages through yahoo...


yes it should work fine

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Will my TMobile phone work in Aruba?

I'm going to Aruba at the end of this month, and I'm wondering if my phone will get a signal in Aruba so I can send a text to my niece to wish her a Happy Birthday while I'm there? I'm a customer of TMobile.


Some GSM phones work in Aruba. Please check with your cellular provider if they have a roaming agreement...

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