Which point and shoot camera takes good indoor pictures?

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What is the difference between point and shoot and DSL camera's? Which takes the best pictures?

How does DSL work when alot of the camera's I'm seeing dont have built in flashes? I love taking pictures and have dabbled in my mind about the thought of doing it professionally one day but have never looked into it till now. I'm just starting out and...


The term is DSLR which stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. There are a number of differences between...

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What's a compact point-and-shoot camera that takes good pictures without a large price tag?

I currently have a Canon SD1100 IS. The macros are great, and the pictures are beautiful - when you can get the camera completely still. It's awful in low light conditions, and the photos are often too blurry to do anything with. I'm no expert, so I...


Look here, and good luck: http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/recommen… The Canon compact digital...

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Looking for a basic point and shoot digital camera that takes good pictures?

I want a basic camera that takes nice, clear pictures. I just want to use it for travel, family outtings, etc. I'm currently looking at a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W120. However I wanted to know what other cameras would fit my criteria. I also want the camera...


I would take a look at some of the Nikons that are out now as well. Word on the street is the photo...

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What is the best point and shoot camera?

I am looking for a good point and shoot camera. I want to have it all, but since I know that's not possible, I'll take as close as I can get. I want good zoom, a sensor large enough to handle the amount of megapixles the camera has, something that takes...


The best point and shoot ever is the Canon SX40. You can pick these up locally for $380. This is a point...

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Looking for a digital camera, less than $250, great for taking pictures of PEOPLE??

Hi - I want to buy a digital camera. I want one that's less than $300 INCLUDING tax (I live in Canada) and necessary add-ons (ie. batteries/charger/bigger memory card). I also want one with a big display screen. My biggest want, however, is a camera...


I have a Canon PowerShot digital camera, which I like but I feel is overpriced. I bought my sister-in...

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Best point-to-shoot camera for portraits and indoors overall?

Hey guys, I need your help. Even after doing days of research, I cannot conclude on which point-to-shoot camera would be best for me. I am looking for a camera that: Pretty compact (For travel) Fast shutter! Great focus and fast focus! Super on taking...


I have a list of the best DSLRs out now: http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&ref_=lp_… Out of...

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Point and Shoot Digital Cameras that zooms during Recording?

I currently ha Just as a title says, I want to find a point and shoot camera that records HQ video w/ audio and can zoom in and out while still staying HQ and not getting blurry. I currently have a Sony Cybershot W220 and I love it. Takes awesome pictures...


maybe this list can help you http://www.davidtan.org/top-20-best-sell…

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Advanced Point & Shoot or Nikon D40?

I've been wanting a nice camera that takes very good pictures, but I'm not sure if getting a Nikon D40 would be a waste of money, since I'm not planning on buying any special lenses in addition. If I'm planning on not getting special equipment for the...


The Nikon D40 is the best for your needs 100%. The Nikon D40 has a very fast shutter speed as any other...

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A good point-and-shoot camera that takes good night/low light photos?

I need an easy to use digital camera that is suitable for a tourist on the go. It needs to be slim, quick, and able to take acceptable (or even good) photos in most lighting conditions. I would like it to fit in my purse or better yet a large pocket...


The Canon S1** camera's are nice cameras for what they are... small, decent image quality for a p&#...

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Point and shoot digital camera that takes high quality photos?

I need a point and shoot style digital camera to take head shots with mainly outdoors. What model brand/model point and shoot camera will take the best quality photos? I want really crisp and clear photos with no blurriness or distortion. Any recommendations...


Just had a look at Amazon prices - a used Canon S90 would (barely) be within your range. Even a used...

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