What is a good point and shoot camera to buy for under $200?

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What is the best point and shoot camera to buy today for an amateur $200-400 range?

Would be used primarily to take pictures of kids, family, events.  Thanks.


Canon S90 (digital), Contax T2 (film), iPhone 4S (cameraphone).

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What is best point and shoot camera? Are new ones coming out soon that I should wait to buy?

I am looking at purchasing the canon g11 or the canon s90. I like both as they are small enough to carry with me, like that they take good pictures in low light, and would love the tilting screen. While a DSLR would be nice, I don't believe I'd use it...


The G11 is a great choice, as would be the SX20 IS if you want more zoom. There is no point in waiting...

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What is the best point and shoot camera for an artsy photographer?

I took photography for 2 years in high school. I have a manual camera (an Olympus...but its about 20 years old) and a point and shoot Canon Digital Elph that is about 3 years old. I want to buy a new point and shoot camera because my friends can take...


If you can go up to $250 I would recommend Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS1 10MP with 12x Wide Angle MEGA Optical...

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What is the next lens I should buy for my new Nikon D60 camera?

I have the free 18-55 VR AF Lens you get with the D60 but I need another lens for the camera to reach its full potential compered to silly little point and shoot cameras.. What is a good 2nd lens to buy... I was thinking 55-200 VR AF Thank you for your...


Nikon makes awesome lenses. Sigma does some pretty good ones too. If you really want to dig deeper,...

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Snorkeling in Fiji - DLSR + housing or point-and-shoot?

I'm super excited to have booked a holiday in Fiji in May, however I need to sort out my camera options - do I buy a cheapo body and case for my existing m/43 lenses, or just spend the same money on a compact point and shoot? I'm a fairly keen and knowledgeable...


If you go snorkeling I would keep the setup very compact and light. Pay attention to buoyancy! If it...

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Point and Shoot Camera for Vacation?

Hello. I am going on a trip in 48 hours and need a point and shoot camera. Here are the most important features in order: 1a. shutter speed: The camera I have now has around 10 seconds between photographs. Makes it impossible to capture the moment. I...


The Canon Powershot SX130 seems to fit your criteria really well. It has 12x optical zoom, takes AA...

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What is the best digital camera to buy? ?

i am trying to buy a digital camera (point and shoot) and i am confused which brand to buy (obviously not all brands are the same, so which is the best brand?). i want to buy one which costs less that 200$ which has good options and gives best quality...


You can take a look here, here are a lot of digital camera from tigerdirect.com http://reviews-buy.com...

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Which Digital Camera should I buy?

Hey looking to buy a digital camera I have narrowed it down to like 4 cameras. I will list the cameras but if anyone know of other cameras that fit my needs feel free to share what that camera is! Im looking for Picture Quality and the cameras speed...


canon a2000 All of the major brands are good. Choose a brand that appeals to you. Then you have to think...

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What's the BEST Digital Camera under $200?

I'm looking for a Digital Camera that has: • At least 6-7 mega pixels • Under $200 • Lasts for years to come • Records Video Also if it could have some of these features, it'll be even better: ○ Point & Shoot ○ Large...


In your price range, this is about the best thing out there (considering that you want to buy locally...

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Hi i wanna buy digital camera help?????

hi i wanna buy a good digital camera,which gives gud pics even in normal point and shoot mode.... i checked out some can u help me compairing their ergonomics. 1)canon g 10 2)canon power shot sx 200 is and can u tell any other cameras in other brands...


I guess you are looking for compact digital cameras. Buying a camera is a choice of what are you really...

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