Why I can't put my mobile # in my YM?

Let’s learn why I can't put my mobile # in my YM. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by answers.yahoo.com.

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why can't i register my mobile number on yahoo mobile ...

Why can't i register my mobile ... yahoo messenger. just go to edit mobile device and then it will ask for your country select your country then put your ...


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How to change ym name?

eg: Name: Ms asdsada21 asda YM id: antu_awe the question is, how to change the name? i was in hurry when i fill in the form so i just put any name on the form. now i want to change it but it cant be changed in the edit page. can anyone help me?


messenger/contact details

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Why is YM using IE proxy settings, and how do I stop it? I cant login unless IE proxy is right -work vs home.

At work, I sit behind a firewall / proxy. At home w/ the same laptop, I am direct connect (DSL). When I transition, I have to reconfigure YM to use / not use the proxy. Fine, I'm used to that. Since installing YM 8.1 and IE7, I can't login to YM unless...


many programs on windows use the internet connection data form MS IE. changing that is a issue with...

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Why cant women put on mascara with their mouths closed?

why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin? why you don't ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery"? why "abbreviated" is such a long word? why doctors call what they do "practice"? why lemon juice is made with...


Dude.....i like that ...LOL ....you just brighten myday with all that WHY quetions....:)

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I cant receive messages anymore in my ym mobile device?

eveytime my fiance message me to my ym mobile,a note will appear informing dat i must reply first in her ym. how will i do that?


Here is a link to a Yahoo Messenger Help Request Form. Make sure to go into a lot of detail if describing...

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Why cant I set permanently offline to some one in my YM list??

I can set permanently offline to some in my YM...but there are some I can not?? ( I am using YM for Mac). Why ?? and pls show me the way I can set permanently offline to all. Thanks.


Note: This answer pertains to MAC only. The aswer is different for windows You must use version 9 beta...

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Why i cant recieve txt messages from YM?

when i use the YM's Send Sms Message..they can recive my txt. i tried to send my own Cellphone but i cant recieve it too..


Here is your answer: When you send or receive an instant message and no message appears, you probably...

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Why cant i see the messages people are writing me on YM?

when im using my messenger i know that they are typing the message but once they sent it i cant see the messages. even my own message which i typed does not appear..what can be the problem of my ym? ive done this Please follow this path. Tools > internet...


OK! Try this" ► Goto your task bar and right click on your messenger icon. ► Click...

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Why am i so hot and how can i cool myself down i cant sleep because of how hot i am and i even put icepacks on?

i need help like badly i cant sleep! yessterday night i had a slight fever of 99.4 to 99.8 and when i went upstairs to go to sleep i was really hot i opened the window and was still hot so i kicked the cove off and took my sweat pants off and even lifted...


relax, how old are you and what other symptoms are you feeling? email me drink lots of fluids you could...

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Why there's stains/bruises when i put stacks of bags on top of each other and it cant be remove wit soap/oils.?

there's also one time when i put my yellow clutch in the luggage and all of the sudden there's dark stains/bruises everywhere. i thought it was just some dirts so i try to wipe it clean with damp soapy cloth and it still cannot be remove. i try to put...


stains and bruises everywhere where? this is very confusing what your saying here if it is a part of...

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