Why i can't register my number in yahoo mobile?

Let’s learn why i can't register my number in yahoo mobile. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Why can't i register my mobile number on yahoo mobile??

the mobile carrier is supported by yahoo but still i can't register my number on it why?? does yahoo updates its service so that i can register my number??


i suggest that you register using your yahoo messenger. just go to edit mobile device and then it will...

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If you are using latest yahoo version Click the small arrow close to your name (close to sign out) in...

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Why cant I text this number through my yahoo?

My friend moved to tennessee, && he gave me his ner number, from FB but he doesnt havea phone but he gave me his cell number, But when I try to texthim from my yahoo, an error pops up saying " oops! we do not currently support the mobile...


Maybe he does not have a plan that includes texting. It has nothing to do with the state.

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Why cant i sms my friend when yahoo says"Yahoo Cant Sms This Number"?!?

i want keep in touch with my bestie but for some reason yahoo messenger keeps saying that "Yahoo cant sms this number" is there anyone who can help mee? what can i do? and how? thanksz for your effort.


You do not say what country your friend is in - I think the answer will be that her provider is not...

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How can I register myself as a seller in yahoo? it seems that yahoo was unable to verify my mastercard number.

I tried many times to register as a Yahoo seller in its auctions but apparently, to no avail. I am using a POSB Savings Debit card / MasterCard to verify my account, but it seems that Yahoo was unable to verify it and stated that my credit card was an...


maybe the address is not matching up on the card , are you using the same address, if so you may have...

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Cant see yahoo phone-in number in my messenger?

I have a yahoo phone-in, for several weeks I dont see the number anymore on my yahoo messenger bar, also when I try to make a test call from my cell phone or skype then my yahoo messenger number doesnt response, I can hear ring from the phone and also...


I had this problem and had to go thru customer service to correct/

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Why I can't register my new number in yahoo SMS device?

when am about to signed out, i want to set in yahoo mobile, so i will choose sign in my number? right? but the problem is when i started to register my number it will appear after "sorry unable to process your request at this time-- error 999. what...


i have the same problem

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How can i change and register my new mobile number for yahoo messenger?

i had change my phone number, so i wanted to register the new number and relplace it from the existing number.


   If you refer to changing the phone number of the device used for Go Mobile for Yahoo...

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I cant use my cell number for my yahoo account .It says that its an unavailable number.?

I cant send email to my computer from my cell and I cant send email to my cell


maybe someone has the same number as you.

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How do i find out who my horse is? She has wrong papers & I have brand register number but cant find any more?

I have her on lease and the owner has the wrong papers. I want to buy her so I joined Studbook and found out her brand register number and some lady's name, but no other details. How do I find out what her breeding is with no contact details. Any help...


Without breed specifics we cant really help you. Im into harness racing and have come across a few OTSB...

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