Why can I get into Yahoo mail and not into Messenger?

Let’s learn why can I get into Yahoo mail and not into Messenger. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I chat in Yahoo! Mail Change the chat status in the mail header to Available and you'll see the...

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Why can't i connect to yahoo messenger but can get mail and 360???

I can log into mail throgh yahoo.co.uk and I can get my 360 page..but why can't I get my messenger ? It there and will not let me log in at all.


try downloading from http://www.yahelite.org/deep/files/yahel... works with your yahoo id and knows...

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Try to click on Messenger at the left side of your mail page. If that doesn't work, notify help.yahoo...

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Why is it I can get into my yahoo mail but not messenger?

I can get into my mail with no problem but not messenger. I have changed my password twice thinking someone hacked into it once again but still can not sign in. It starts to but doesn't completely sign in, the little smiley just goes back to sleep. Is...


first of all, make sure that ur server is functioning properly, any sudden server down time can affect...

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Why can't you be on Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo mail at the same time? You get disconnected from one place?

I find if Im logged in Messenger, I get disconnected from reg mail chat? How can this be? It doesn't make sense too me!


Your yahoo default option makes you probably available for yahoo chats. So on getting to your mail,...

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Why can't I get into my yahoo messenger from yahoo mail like I did a week ago?

I can no longer get into my chat with my contacts in yahoo mail like I used to. I didn't do any thing, and suddenly the little circles were not my my contacts


there could be a server problem that caused to not load the messenger thru the mailbox. did you try...

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Why can my yahoo identity get mail, but not yahoo messenger?

People can't instant message me, or if they do, I can't see it. I can't add anyone to my friend list. I even created another ID but got the same results. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks, Jim


uninstall messenger.. yahoo can be yahell so.. redo it then watch step by step how u customize it check...

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I have no problems getting in Yahoo Messenger, but I can't get to my yahoo mail,nor via Messenger,nor direct

suddenly today I cannot get to my Yahoo mail. I use 3 Yahoo accounts and all three mailboxes don't show up : a page appears that says that "the page cannot be displayed" and some suggestions what to do. I tried all suggestions re: refresh page...


Yahoo was down last nite. It still has glitches, Hang in there until they get it resolved.

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How can I get my yahoo messenger and yahoo mail not to interfere with each other?

What versions should I use? Where can I turn on/off options? I do not need chat on my yahoo mail, and I do not value a yahoo mail link on ym much. Example of one (of many) problems: I am signed in to yahoo messenger, then I click a ym link to read my...


Sorry for the inconvenience. You've stumbled upon a temporary problem with Yahoo Mail. Usually this...

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Why cant my grandkids cant get on yahoo messenger when they are already on yahoo mail?

my grand daughter in Fla is on yahoo mail but she cant get on yahoo messenger, she has tried everythuing, why cant she get yahoo messenger


Personally I would recommend older version available to download here (6,0 – 7.5): http://chat...

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