Why can't I add subversion package to my OpenBSD 4.5 machine?

Let’s learn why can't I add subversion package to my OpenBSD 4.5 machine. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Server Fault.

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Why can not add subversion package to my OpenBSD 4.5 machine?

I have an OpenBSD 4.5 on a virtual machine. I configured the net and my machine can connect to the OpenBSD FTP repository in Canada (ftp.openbsd.org) correctly. But when I execute this line: *pkg_add -v subversion-1.5.5* Occurs this error: Unknown element: @sha FTlY/mreDMe9nRNLR5+fSIIZWMnivjO0p83rQLSL6F0= in SCALAR(0x7deeda80), at /usr/libdata/perl5/OpenBSD/PackingList.pm line 301, line 7. Does anybody know why I cannot install this package?


I've seen this happen when using packages from a different version to the OS. The kernel, userland and...

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The ingredients of cappuccino are espresso and steamed milk. In order to make espresso you need an espresso...

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910111213141516171819; list the packages you want (setq package-list '(package1 package...

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I am developing an android application and wanted to add a Web View with the Web kit engine inside the application. I get errors when I add a new package inside the app activity folder, i.e. (package remote.mobile.droidapp; existing package name. (package...


Your question is a bit difficult to answer since you do not provide some essential information. Where...

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You can't add packages retroactively - they are all installed at the factory. You'd be better off finding...

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You can add a tow hitch for cheap. However, a tow package had a stronger rear axle (Chrysler 8.25) a...

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2008 Nissan Altima: Is it it easy to add Fog Lights and Rear Spoiler after purchase without additional package

I own a 2008 Nissan Altima but opted out of the package that contains the Data Package, Spoiler and Fog Lamps. It seems that the only way my dealer would get me the spoiler and fog lights was if I also ordered the Data package with XM radio. Can I easliy...


Yes you can go back and they can put in the lights with the factory switch and they can do the spoiler...

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Help in java:my folder name is"mypack".. my package name is "add"?

how to import that package..? if i give import mypack.add; am getting bad class file or import add; am getting package doesnt exist... how to compile that package??


import mypack.*; that would import everything from the folder and with a bit of luck your class will...

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Descaling delonghi coffee machine: Ratios?

Hi, Bought a you beaut coffee machine the other month which came with the Nokalk descaler. According to the coffee machine manual, I am to descale at least once a month.... fine. My problem lies in that it asks me to dilute the Nokalk (refer to nokalk...


All you need to do is put the descaler into your water reservoir, top off with water and go through...

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I'm getting a new computer in a few weeks, but I have a TV capture card I want to transfer from my old machine into the new one. Since it's going to be an XP machine, in light of the weird "hardware configuration" key they built into the software...


It's not really that touchy. I've been tinkering with my XP box for three years and it's never complained...

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