Why can't I go to Yahoo messenger?

Let’s learn why can't I go to Yahoo messenger. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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if the problem is connection of your account on the messenger, there is no actual solution for that...

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Why cant i get the yahoo skins to go on my Yahoo Messenger?

I cant understand why i cant get the Yahoo skins to go onto my messenger. Can someone help me please also am i using the yahooskins site wrong? thanks


there is no yahoo skins site ... it wont work with anything but older versions on some of the sites...

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Why in Yahoo messenger on the web we cant go to chat room?

I want to know is there anything that I don't know? When I want to go to the yahoo messenger on the web I can't go to the chat rooms on the yahoo messenger on the web.Is it right? ...show more



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Why cant i go on yahoo messenger? i have an account?

i have ayahoo id:talkative_tay@yahoo.com but it wont let me go on yahoo messenger.


u need to download and run it.

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I cant go in yahoo messenger,but i can signing in mail.why?

i have yahoo id.i want to sign in yahoo messenger.but it was saying siggin probs and try again.with same id and password iam logging in mail.pls help me


First of all, you should correct the date and time of the computer. Then the problem araises, you have...

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Why cant i go idle on yahoo messenger?

i mean a few days ago i would go idle, now it wont even say it at all. i have all my prefrences right, is yahoo just acting dumb????


yes, yahoo has been acting up the last couple of days.

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Where did the yahoo messenger go, i cant acces it was gone from my messengers list?

Yahoo chat rooms, I can open my yahoo messenger but I cant go to yahoo.chat room or even join the room because there's no chat room in the messenger's list why?


yahoo closed the chat rooms permanently since 14th dec 2012. u have to use other messengers for public...

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My cousin just downloaded a new version of yahoo messenger and now she cant go on her account anymore?

Okay look my cousin just downloaded yahoo messenger 10 and then when she tried to log in her yahoo messenger it said she put the wrong password! and her brother made her yahoo account and hes somewhere in california....but we cant seem to access her...


Yahoo Versions 10 and 11 have the troubleshooting software - use the 'Show Details' option and you could...

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I cant go into the chat room in yahoo messenger chat?

i go to yahoo chat and find a room on yahoo messenger. when i enter a room it says request was refused. Why does it say that? How can i get into the yahoo chat rooms?


Yahoo administrator will never let you through to chat room if you are underage.

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How come i cant open Yahoo Mail ??? I only can go to my mail from Yahoo Messenger.?

Be4 i could do that, now i cant. I changed my password and since then i cant open Yahoo Mail. Can anyone help me plz... tyvm.


Yahoo mail servers have been on and offline installing and updating the new yahoo mail replacing beta...

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