Why can't I get to Yahoo messenger?

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Why can;t I get yahoo messenger?

I have downloaded yahoo messenger on my dell computer but it will not appear , i have windows xp , I am not for sure if i have a fire wall up and i do not know it or what this is a recently purchased used computere everything else works fine but iam unable to get yahoo instant messenger plz help me thanks


Actually the yahoo messenger that you download is just like a download manager. So, download it to a...

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Why cant my grandkids cant get on yahoo messenger when they are already on yahoo mail?

my grand daughter in Fla is on yahoo mail but she cant get on yahoo messenger, she has tried everythuing, why cant she get yahoo messenger


Personally I would recommend older version available to download here (6,0 – 7.5): http://chat...

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Why cant i get the yahoo skins to go on my Yahoo Messenger?

I cant understand why i cant get the Yahoo skins to go onto my messenger. Can someone help me please also am i using the yahooskins site wrong? thanks


there is no yahoo skins site ... it wont work with anything but older versions on some of the sites...

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Why cant i get into yahoo messenger?

Ive tried everything and still cant get into yahoo messenger. When I sign in it keeps coming back to sign again again. I dont know what to do. I changed my password with yahoo, but not with messenger. Iwas wondering do i have to start over with messenger...


If all else fails, remove it if it is version 9.0 etc. and download and install the version below. newer...

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Why cant I get my yahoo messenger to open or come up?

I can login to my yahoo mail but I cant get my yahoo messenger to work.


How to get yahoo messenger?

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Why cant I get connected to Yahoo messenger?

I have had this problem of cant connect to yahoo messenger and decided to remove and reinstall the Y!messenger completely. But still not connected eventhough have tried all type of connectiong setting in the prereferences. I even turn off the firewall...


I've had the very same problem for about 6 months--I had it and used it and somehow now it always says...

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why cant i get yahoo messenger i had it before but in it tell me try later i think its block so where do i go to unblock it?


If it is blocked, you can right click the application and click on "properties", under General...

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Why cant i get the audibles to work on yahoo messenger???

i get some audibles on some contacts but a few i cant. like one is from hotmail people but the yahoo people i can. why cant they show up on all my contacts.. thanks for your help..


I have no Idea what audibles you are referring to, but I hate to see anyones questions sitting there...

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Why cant i get yahoo music any more in yahoo messenger?

i used to be able to listen to foxey tunes now i cant get it any more why?


Hmm, I don't understand, I listen to Yahoo Music 3-4 hours a day, including Foxy Tunes and haven't had...

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I cant get into my yahoo messenger and i cant even get in a chat room WHY???!!!?

when i try to enter a chat room in the yahoo home page and error come up telling me to check my settings but my settings are what they are supposed to be. What is going on??


if u were smart u wouldve searched 1st and seen that about 10000 ppl asked it over the corse of the...

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