Why can't I get my Yahoo Messenger with windows Vista?

Let’s learn why can't I get my Yahoo Messenger with windows Vista. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Why can't I get my yahoo messenger with windows vista?

recently got the windows vista and when I try to get my yahoo messenger, it says windows vista doesn't have the yahoo messenger, why is this and when will it be available?


Messenger 8.1 is compatible with Vista. Yahoo! has not announced a date for a release of Messenger for...

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Vista isnt compatible w/ voice just yet.

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I cant get yahoo messenger to download, i already have a user name and id. i have windows vista?

i tells me that it was unsuccessful, so is it something that i need to take off such as my settings. please help


If you want to chat on yahoo mesenger and your unable to get it downloaded, you may visit meebo.com...

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8 sucks big time. 7.5 was quite workable. Get rid of 8 and go to freecreed dot com and get 7.5 back...

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What version of windows messenger is compatible with windows vista home premium version?

ive downloaded everything from 7.0 to the newest version of messenger to my new toshiba laptop with windows vista home premium and every version of yahoo messenger ive tried keeps doing the same things.allows me online to get in the chat rooms i normally...


there are compatibility issues, yahoo are working on a patch, it'll be out as soon as they can get themselves...

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When I try to sign onto Yahoo Messenger 9 on my laptop (Windows Vista), I get Error 81003004. How do I fix?

I have had Yahoo Messenger 8 on my laptop, which uses Windows Vista, for several months now. Only a few days ago has my Messenger stopped working. I have emailed Yahoo tech support a couple of times and followed their directions, and have downloaded...


Here's a link to a forum that might help.... http://www.theanand.com/blog/index.php/t…

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How come me having windows vista, i cant download yahoo messenger or messenger vista?

when i download messenger 8 it goes all the way through and says install complete.....but never shows up or says i have it. when i download messenger vista, it goes all the way through to the end and says that install was unable to be completed. what...


try reinstalling it....then click your windows button in the corner, press all programs, and then it...

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Why cant I use yahoo messenger. I cant sign in. I have mozilla firefox browser and vista windows?

I have yahoo mail, and I can get to yahoo page, however whenever I go to sign in to im someone, I cant. And yes I have the right password


the messenger has nothing to do with the windows or browser try uninstalling and reinstalling

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Why cant I down load yahoo messenger 8.1 with Windows Vista?

I get a message from Windows Internet Explorer, that says, "Internet Explorer cannot open Internet the site http://messenger.yahoo.comdownload.php." "Operation Aborted" Then there is a button that says "O.K." I serched Microsoft...


Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 can be and cannot be compatible with Vista, but some features will be missing....

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Why cant i get voice on yahoo with windows vista in chat rooms?

i have had a brand new computer with windows vista sicne january and still havent used my comp because i cannot get voice and dont want to keep unplugging and plugging....is there a patch i can get or something in the settings? or do i just have to wait...


Goto this site has 2 methods how to fix the voice Voice Fix for Yahoo Windows Vista Users http://www...

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