Why can't i sign in yahoo! messenger for vista?

Let’s learn why can't i sign in yahoo! messenger for vista. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I can't sign in using yahoo messenger for vista version?

I'm sure I entered correct username and password but still I can't sign in to yahoo. It says that I've entered wrong username and password. I tried to alter my connection but nothing seems to work.


Some people are having the same problems but not all of them... Yahoo said they will look into the issue...

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Why cant I use yahoo messenger. I cant sign in. I have mozilla firefox browser and vista windows?

I have yahoo mail, and I can get to yahoo page, however whenever I go to sign in to im someone, I cant. And yes I have the right password


the messenger has nothing to do with the windows or browser try uninstalling and reinstalling

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This new version yahoo messenger .9 for w,vista where is the webcam why cant we sign in automaticlly.please?

they say this version is not complete yet.i had aproblem with .8 version yahoo meddenger could not use audio,so they told me download new version .9 now it does not have webcam,just a phone,who has windowvista premium and what yahoo messenger version...


From what I have read here, Vista and 9.0 messenger don't work together. You are trying to run two new...

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SIGN-IN PROBLEMS WITH YAHOO MESSENGER If this is the first time that you have had the problem first...

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Without knowing the exact error you're receiving, I can't help you much, but.... Go into your Control...

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vista is not good with yahoo messenger ver8 or yahoo messenger at all for that matter.. depends wht...

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Why wont yahoo messenger work on my computer? I have tried downloading multiple versions and yazak?

I installed yahoo messenger on my computer. I am running windows vista on a 3 yr old computer. The OS was just reinstalled, all drivers are updated and working along with all windows updates. I can run Y epic but I cant run yahoo messenger any version...


Most likely, yahoo messenger has not been installed in a proper manner & there are missing files...

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Can't open yahoo mail from yahoo messenger window?

I cant open my email from the yahoo messenger window even if i already configured to "automatically sign me in when i click on yahoo links". Im using windows vista home premium


check this link http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/messeng… If it does n't solve your problem then...

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Yahoo messenger not working?

i cant login my yahoo messenger thru any of my ids. it just shows message that it cant sign in. i am using vista. i tried reinstalling it agn and agn. it used to work well


quiet simple!!!! change your yahoo mail to yahoo beta and you can use messenger in tat its a new version...

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