Why can't I install the Yahoo Messenger on my PC?

Let’s learn why can't I install the Yahoo Messenger on my PC. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I can't installed yahoo messenger in my pc.why?even i installed it, i was try to sign in it automatically lost

i was try to sign in to yahoo messenger automatically lost the messanger.what is the problem regarding to this ..do suggest me urgent..thanks


Usually it is a system problem and not a yahoo one. Do a full system scan, clean out cookies and temporary...

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I cant install yahoo messenger in my pc?

why i cant install a yahoo in my pc


ANY Yahoo! Messenger program will not install properly if a former program, or an incomplete install...

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Whenever i install latest yahoo messenger.and next time i turn my pc on.it gives an error and i cant use it.?

after installing latest version of yahoo.when i restart my pc.it does not work.it gives an error which is as follows..yahoo messenger has encountered a problem and needs to be closed.i need ur guidence to sort this problem out.quick response shall be...


try to reboot at the tower then restart, if that dont work uninstall it and then reinstall, while u...

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You got to give more details on this. Is there any error message prompted?

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Here is a Safe and Valid Link with no annoying ads to download the Previous Versions of Yahoo! Messenger...

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Yahoo messenger is not work properly in my pc .?

after install messenger pc has been slow speed & uninstall messenger pc wrk properly faster more. if run yahoo messenger my pc error every time we cant open web page & cant chat fast . in chat messenger nt response fast


Clear your Browser’s Cache In Internet Explorer 7 • Close all browser...

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Pls help w/ yahoo messenger installer!?

hi! i have this trouble while i try to install yahoo messenger 8 or any other version. i download the .exe file and install it but when the installment is close to end there are some odd boxes that pop and say: 1. GLJ92.tmp - Bad Image The application...


im trying to download it my self

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How can I pc to pc call from yahoo messanger 9.0 ? How I set up call option from the same ?

I downloaded and install yahoo Messenger 9.But I cant find pc to pc call option.Some time I am also thinking that if I am unable to call from yahoo Messenger 9.0 I will back to previous version of Messenger.


yea u can use 9.0 to call pc to pc, all u gotta do is click the id if its already i your list, and from...

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About yahoo messenger?

i installed new version of yahoo messenger,now i cant call to my pc to another pc,there is no call button or voice mail set up in my messenger,how i can re install voice mail set up.or call my computer option


left click start go to ((control panel)) left click control panel this is your control panel views ...

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Why my friend using msn cant see me online in yahoo?

After formatting and reinstalling my pc for the 19 times, i finally install again for the 6 times yahoo messenger. my friend from msn messenger found me and we chat. i cant see her. ...show more


well maybe she doesnt have yahoo instant messenger then cause if you both have Yahoo intant messengers...

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