Why can't I login to Yahoo Messenger?

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Why can't I login to Yahoo Messenger from my pc with my id?

when I try to login, for about half of a second I'm in, but instantly it kicks me out again. I tried other IDs and there is no problem.....it only happens with my ID...since it does log me in , even for half of second I don't think it's a password problem, but it's really frustrating.....I tried reinstalling, no changes, and checked if my anti virus/firewall software was interfering, so that's not the problem.


DEAD - ID - exit messenger ... go to the program files folder and look for Yahoo! \ Messenger .... once...

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Why cant i login to yahoo messenger and yahoo mail?

when i boot into safe mode, im able to login.. but in normal boot mode, when i click the mail button on the yahoo home page, it says "the page cannot be displayed".. and yahoo messenger cant login.. it just returns me to the username and password...


there might b a boot program hooked to one of its files the new yahoo look out left click start go to...

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Why i cant login in my yahoo messenger on my mac it says sorry, you have entered encorect login credintials. username and password okay.?

I try everything. uninstall many time the ym app. and install it again..Please Help Yahoo.tnx


OK, this may sound crazy but I went through the same thing with the same message appearing, reinstalled...

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Why cant i login to yahoo mail from cell but can on messenger?

i was logged into yahoo mail on my cell phone then logged out. now when i try to log back into yahoo mail says invalid username and password, but i can still log into messenger from my phone with the same username and password


start from here:http://rds.yahoo.com/_ylt=A0geu59vBfVGMI…

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Why CANt i login via yahoo messenger today ?

when i input username and password and enter then it says " Connectiong to yahoo messenger as......." then it styed like this. i m trying this for past 1 hour. whtas the prob. Thnx for your Help.


everybody has the same, look http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;…

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I cant login to yahoo messenger on my phone?

i can't conect to yahoo messenger on my phone. I go to the sign in page and enter my yahoo id and password. When I hit the sign in button it just takes me back to the login again and i have to put in my id and password again and try it again. it just...


try to use the computer first to log in with your ID because i'm supposing that there is a problem involving...

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I cant login into my yahoo messenger but i can login into yahoomail with the same password yahoo id?

I can access my yahoo mail using my yahoo id and password but cant access my yahoo messenger with the same id password


This is what yahoo had to say. We released an updated version of Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 today (9.0.0....

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I cant login in yahoo messenger?

when i try to sign in on yahoo messenger it shows " there was a problem signing you in to yahoo messenger. please click "try again" to re-enter your ID and password. If you have forgotten your ID or Password, click sign in problems"...


redownload yahoo messenger

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Cant login to yahoo messenger on my sidekick lx?

i got sidekick lx and can't login to yahoo messenger keeps saying an unknown failure has ocurred while trying to connect to yahoo messenger try again later


Messenger has been having a lot of glitches that are slow to be correctly lately and is the most likely...

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Cant login my yahoo email and yahoo messenger. Whats up with that?

This all started from yahoo having a server maintenance upgrade or something. It has been 4days since my last login to my email and messenger. I was wondering if anyone is having the same problem as I am. Is anybody out there having the same problem...


You asked the same question 3 times?

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