Why can't I receive incoming mail?

Let’s learn why can't I receive incoming mail. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Can't receive mail in Windows Mail either!!?

Since last Friday, I can't receive any e-mail. I have checked with ATT& T and it's not their problem, checked with my computer, not the problem. There was a rumor that perhaps it was antivirus software, so I uninstalled Norton and reinstalled the program and still no resolution to the problem. Oh yea, let's not forget firewalls, which I turned off and still can't receive any e-mail from Yahoo to Windows mail Thanks


Yahoo has upgraded its servers. You will need to make a small change to your Yahoo! Mail Incoming Mail...

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If you are on this site then you must have a good email address. This sounds like something yahoo will...

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Why cant I view my yahoo mail when I receive the pop up telling me that I have just received mail?

When I get the message at the bottom where my icons are telling me that I have received a new mail message I cant get them. I go to my inbox and there is no mail there. I just get certain ones. Not all of them.


If you have other folders in your mailbox other than the Inbox or Bulk mail.. sometimes i also forget...

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Yahoo mail plus - why I cant receive or send mails through outlook ?

Cant send or receive mails from POP3 server (Yahoo MailPlus account) through outlook from 13-Dec-2013. Errors are like this Log onto incoming mail server (POP3): Outlook cannot ...show more


May be their is a possibility that the settings of pop3 server has changed. So to resolve this issue...

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Why suddenly people cant receive my mail ?

I create a new email account,its using xxxxxx@rocketmail.com, for the first few days,its work properly, but after that,when i sent out my mail.all the people cant receive my mail... ...show more


Depends your quantity of mails, it's possible that Yahoo think you are spammer. http://help.yahoo.com...

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Why cant I receive mail on my disposable address?

I can send mail from my disposable address but when recipient tries to reply , mail is returned as 'undeliverable mail'


I wish I could help I'm having the same problem. I'm using Firefox does that matter? SOMEBODY HELP US...

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why cant I get the mail my friend sends me...I get everbody elses....


first, make sure she has the correct address. Second, make sure it's not being blocked or being tossed...

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Why cant i receive or send emails with yahoo mail?

emailed from two other outside email accounts and did not receive either email. I then emailed from my account and the others did not receive my email. Whats the problem?


There is no problem. Yahoo is just destined to give or not give service when they can.

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Why i cant receive any e-mail ?

dear sir/madam, i can't receive any e-mail from any one. so please tell or solve whats the problem, as its very important. so please solve my problem fast.


A number of things you can try include Update Adobe Flash Player Internet Explorer and Java script ...

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1 the one who sent you send to the wrong address 2, wait for a couple more minutes 3. you havn't activate...

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