Why cant I download an Attachment?

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Why cant i download this attachment????

everytime i click download attachment if im recieving an email with pics nothing pops up for me to download and i see the bar on the bottom loading as if im refreshing the page buts its not loading the pix i wanthow do i fix this?


you dont have the same program it was sent in or pop ups are blocking it

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Yahoo mail problem, i cant download the attachment?

Help.....what happen to my mail box, i cant download the attachment. But if i forward the mail with attachment to my other accout, i can download the attachment, who can tell me how to solve this problem, please.......


Yes I am having the same problem. I just forwarded my yahoo email to another email server, (in this...

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Cant get my attachment to download from my email?

I have a windows 7 laptop. I have internet explorer 9 or the newest one..not sure which. I use yahoo email and im trying to open an email i mailed myself with an attachment of a power point. My computer has 2010. At my college I thought they had the...


How to Fix Yahoo Email When It Won't Open Attachments .1. Sign out of Yahoo and clear your cache. Since...

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I cant download any file or photo attached to yahoo mail id.the download attachment tab is not working at all.

I cant download or view any photos or attached files which is attached to my yahoo mail id . This problem persits with one of my yahoo mail id only only. But if i forward the same ...show more


you can download for other yahoo no download take for 3 days you dont know that i have one doubt you...

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Cant download file attachment....?

i cant download the file attachment (.doc) it gives me a blank page when i click the attached file. im using WinXp Pro ed, IE 5. please help!!!!! i need the file badly... :-( tnx in advance!



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I cant open attachments. When I click on an attachment I get two options download to computer or drop box.?

After selecting "download to computer" I used to get asked if I wanted to "Open attachment" and now nothing. Bottom line...I can't open attachments at all.


After a month of the same problem starting mid November 2013, I finally fixed this which was a problem...

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Cant download attachment from my e-mail?

received an attachment docx but unable to figure out how to download it from my mail help?


It's the new email system that's doing it. Lots of people have had this problem includine me. You probably...

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I cant download the the attachment files?

i cant open the attachment files


It seems to be the latest Yahoo glitch, anything attachment related seems to be very much pear shaped...

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I cant seem to find the "Download Attachment(s)" on Yahoo?

my classmate send me a video and i checked the mail i was like wdf how do i download this i downloaded some attachments b4 and i checked google som1 tell me where can i download the attachments on the New yahoo mailupdate


It should be around the e-mail header. If not, try switch to class view.

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Yahoo have done some work on the e-mail system. Routine maintainance and updates. If you are still having...

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