Why is Literature so important to the English curriculum?

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Why Study English: Why Study English Literature?

But... Why Study English Literature? ... made a slightly shy entry into the ‘A’ level curriculum. ... believe that English is important and I want to go on ...


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Should poetry and literature be replaced in the English curriculum by more modern forms of media?

Given that people mostly read the internet these days, and form their opinions about things from newspaper articles and TV news headlines, should we be teaching people how to read and interpret these media? Could this completely replace the analysis...


Whether it's poetry, literature, YouTube, reddit, or any other information medium, we must remember...

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Why was high school history much more theoretically conservative than English literature?

I went to high school in Perth, Western Australia from 2003-7. While the English literature classroom required us to think about intertextuality, subjectivity, the creation of meaning, and other postmodernist buzz concepts, it always seemed that the...


I think literature is a bit more liberal than history (bases on gut and experience)--from a political...

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What Would Be In Your Best High School English Class?

I'm teaching high school-level English next year for students who need a high level of academic support and I want the class to be both highly engaging and content-rich.If you were a kid who LOATHED writing for school, struggled with boring English classes...


I really loathed academic writing and never saw the point (despite being OK at it) until I encountered...

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Do I need a master's degree in teaching in addition to my bachelor's in english in order to teach?

I am a junior in college, working towards getting my Bachelor's degree in English Literature. At my school I can continue on for another 1.5 years to get a degree in education as well, but I was wondering if getting my masters somewhere else would be...


The one thing that allows you to teach is a teachers license. You can be a student teacher, or a teachers...

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Why do they teach Shakespeare in English?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy his work and I enjoy the films produced that are based on his plays. However, I don't understand why English teachers had to teach pupils about Shakespeare in particular. I know: a) Shakespeare writes good stuff (for his time...


It's part of the cultural knowledge an educated person needs. Our language today is filled with quotes...

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Graduate School: Mixing Literature and Classical Political Philosophy

I'm interested in (further) graduate studies combining Political Philosophy/Theory and Literature. Any ideas about finding programs that mesh the two? I have a year left of a MA in Classical - Modern (no Post-modern) Philosophy alongside a mixture of...


Do you read Greek? Are you good at languages generally? If you can do real research on Plato in Greek...

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english literature in Italy

Please can you tell me ,in Italy, which universities / international schools (as in 18 years upwards) teach English Literature on the curriculum in English


Hello: unico67-ga: You asked: "Please can you tell me, in Italy, which universities/international...

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GCSE english literature?

Hello, here is the situation: English is not my native language. I am very academic expect my English, but I feel extremely nervous in any exams. My ambition is to become a stock broker as I was fascinated by it when I was a kid(working in financial...


Hi jack. As long as you have English Language, then you can drop the literature and good luck to you...

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Should I pursue a Masters degree in English Education or English/American Literature?

Quick synopsis: I graduated several years ago with a BS in Psychology. I recently discovered that my true passion is Literature and Creative Writing. I plan to return to school to obtain a Masters degree in either English Education (7-12) or English...


I don't know the particulars for NY State, but generally, you'll need state certification to teach at...

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