Why is demography so important for marketing and advertising?

Let’s learn why is demography so important for marketing and advertising. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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The "demographics" of your market is important information so you can tailor your marketing...

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OOH Media (Out-of-home advertising) sounds interesting.What are its Pros and Cons and how effective would it be on the market? How different it is from the Guerilla Marketing?

Out of home advertising is focused on marketing to consumers when they are "on the go" in public places. Outdoor advertising formats fall into four main categories: billboards, street furniture, transit, and alternative. Guerrilla marketing...


Outdoor advertising is passive, Guerrilla is active I notice outdoor advertising. It is rarely relevant...

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A Graphic Designer who hates advertising/marketing?

I've loved to draw and paint for most of my life. My teachers recommended I go into Graphic Design as a college major so I could make money with my art. Needless to say I didn't research the Graphic Design field very closely before choosing a college...


You are confusing marketing with sales. Sales is trying to win clients involving direct contact with...

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Which Marketing Channel Works Best for Your Business - Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Display Advertising, something else?

Lately we saw a distinctive trend in online marketing. Email Marketing and PPC spending dropped while mobile and social considerably increased. Please share your experience and opinions on the best channels today.


Where are your customers open and engaged? That's where you need to place your emphasis. If you don...

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Advertising and Marketing

What is the difference between advertising and marketing? I have a client who is the director of advertising and marketing for a small arts organization and I would like to get an idea of the activities he is likely to see as a part of advertising and...


Hi! Thanks for the question. I will try to provide you with links that answers some of your questions...

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Advertising or Marketing minor for Graphic Design major?

I'm getting a BA in art (graphic design concentration) and was wondering whether marketing or advertising would be a better minor to get? Marketing would obviously be more difficult but would require one less class then advertising. I'm more interested...


Marketing and Advertising are just cousins - so take your time and get all the education - you don't...

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Difference in Advertising and Marketing and What Should I Major In?

First whats the difference in a major in Advertising and Marketing? Now what should i major in: Im a very creative person. I can come up with almost any catch phrase "slogan" for any topic you give me. Im good at making magazine covers, shirts...


Major in Marketing. Advertising is dying. http://fionamackenzie.com.au/advertising…

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Marrakech Morocco, Job prospects in Marketing and Advertising for a recent London graduate?

Have just come back from Marrakech, my third visit in 3 years, and I really love that city. Just wanted to know what the job prospects are in the Marketing and Advertising industry in Marrakech, I have a feeling these jobs are mostly found in Casablanca...


if u want those kind of jobs n u wanna get paid good ;;;u need to stay in london;;;;;unless your dream...

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Small Business Marketing and Advertising

I own a small business owner in Richmond, VA and I am thinking of a marketing campaign to home consumers using mailed postcards. I want a targeted marketing area specifically a zipcode (i.e. I want the postcards mailed to homes only with zipcode 232...


Hi, You can rent or buy mailing lists. They are not cheap, but they can be very cost effective. According...

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How big is the global market for brand advertising as opposed to that for direct marketing?

Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, is reported to have claimed that brand advertising corresponds to 90% of the global advertising industry and that Facebook is better positioned to address that market than Google (which has most of its revenues based on...


If you're talking online and offline combined, every metric I've seen shows brand marketing and direct...

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