Why is Market Share so important?

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Why is increasing market share important to a business?

This is for school i just need a list of reasons why business are always looking to increase market share. Thanks =]


An increasing market share brings greater brand recognition. However, increasing market share is interesting...

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Why is google's search market share so high?

Search market share is approximately: google 65%  vs bing powered 30% But we also know that people very rarely change their default search engine on their browsers and browser market share is approximately: chrome and firefox 45% vs Internet Explorer...


Simple reason is user friendly, search result relevance and user experience. Try Adwords and Bing AdCenter...

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Why is Google the market leader and Yahoo! suffering more and more losses of market share?

When Google entered the market of search engines, Yahoo! was already the established market leader. What's exactly so charismatic about Google's main page, that currently it has 54 % market share to 23% for Yahoo?


because google search is better. and when you get a result that you click on, you go directly to the...

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Why does the media report on iOS vs Android market share when they never reported on iPhoneOS vs Symbian market share?

Using Android for free instead of licensing other available OSes, or creating a custom OS, is a popular business decision for mobile device makers. Instead of reporting on why companies do that, the media puts a lot of energy and ink into comparing the...


The world map of the market shares of iOS and Android on a per country basis is available at http:/...

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Why are people loose in commodites or share market ?

I saw mostlt 90% people loose money in share market .even the market is attracting so many players. i hardly saw anyone who made money from share market.


because of over ambition

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Why the discrepancy in search engine market share results?

Every time i see statistics like this one which list market share for various search engines, I'm somewhat surprised. According to the article/graph, in mid-2005, Google had a 36.5% market share in online searches, with Yahoo and MSN at 30.5% and 15...


Of the few people I've known who used non-Google search engines, most were fairly casual web users who...

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Why doesn't the linux operating system have greater market share?

Microsoft and Apple are large corporations and have control of most of the operating system markets. While there has been some innovative changes to each of their proprietary operating systems, does their size and market dominance prevent more innovation...


Because our whole culture is driven by the pursuit of profit. Windows 7 and Mac have tons of expensive...

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Why are there so many Share trades registered after the market closes at 16:30?

If you look at the Trades information for most major shares (eg. any ftse100) then there are usually a good 10+ trades logged AFTER 16:30, which is normal market closing time. These are often quite large volumes/value trades eg. today 10th May, share...


Market is as transparent as it can be...and it will maybe get more so that way in the future. After...

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Why does Samsung have the largest market-share of Android devices sold worldwide?

Few facts about Android phones: Android share of global market: 80% The first publicly available smartphone running Android, the HTC Dream, was released on October 22, 2008. Samsung Tops Android with 63% of Device Market Share.


Samsung made early bets on Android, much like HTC. Samsung saw early success with its first flagship...

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Why is Android's market share in Europe much higher than in the US?

According to this article, US's Android market share is 55.1% compared to iPhone's 39.3%. In Spain for example, Android's market share is as high as 90.6% compared to iPhone's 5.3%. What are the reasons behind the differences? Kantar: With Android Inching...


Simple, phones that run Android are cheaper.  From my experience in Spain, everyone is crazy about the...

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