Why are persuasive skills so important for a leader?

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What are the skills needed to be a leader in a changing global development landscape?

The Guardian's Global Development Professionals Network recently held an online forum with prestigious panelists and an online community of development practitioners debating the skills necessary for a new generation of leadership globally. Read the whole conversation here: Development 3.0: adapting leadership for a changing world


The first thing that comes to my mind are the words of Peter Barnevil, "Global leaders have exceptionally...

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The leader is one who gives speeches. That is why it is very important for a leader to have persuasive...

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Why do people think that just because someone is a great engineer, they lack people skills and need to be paired with a "leader"?

I've seen a lot of feedback on Quora and other places where the  underlying assumption appears to be: The CTO/technical leader have strong engineering ability, he must therefore possess rainman-like qualities that render him incapable of managing people...


Not that many people are great leaders, regardless if they are technical or not. So you are not encountering...

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Skills for a leader?

What kind of skills does a good leader have? And what are important skills that a leader should have? AND why are those skills important for a leader to have?


Number one: Communication. All good leaders have excellent communication skills. It's hard to get anything...

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My skills as a group leader ?

There is a Group contain 8 members they are University students Their age is between 19 to 23 They have social problems also they have acadmic problems Note : I have to imagine the group its not real group I set it So : how you will feel if you are a...


Group therapy. The group is small, they can sit in a circle with you and your co-leader facing across...

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Know to follow first, learn to respect next and then, be bold to handle it all!

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What they lack in vision,they can make it up in oration. Leaders usually cook rice of their speeches...

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What are the key skills that are critical for a leader in today’s business environment?

To what extent can these key skills be taught and adapted to context?


It may be advised that you should take a schematic short course from a reputed modern management institution...

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What kinds of skills should one have to make the transition from team leader to project manager?

I would like to know all required skills, tools, applications to handle the project manager role. Also let me know if any certifications would be an added advantage.


Project Management is now quickly becoming method of management for more and more industries. Many large...

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What skills and qualities do you look for in your country's leader?

I think of "well-educated", "experienced in decision making and turning around difficult situations", "strong values of public service", "strong public speaking", etc. Curious to hear what others look for in a...


I think you could take a good look at someones personal life to see what kind of a leader they are....

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