Why is Brand Identity important to a company?

Let’s learn why is Brand Identity important to a company. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by trokit.com.

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Why Brand Identity is so Important for Your Business ...

Why Brand Identity is so Important for Your Business? July 5, 2012 ... Business owners know the importance of brand identity that’s why they invest in their ...


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The advice not to "compromise the integrity of a brand logo" applies primarily to young, not...

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How do you create a brand identity for a global concierge company?

Considering the needs - from member cards, business cards, brochures, pens to smartphones, watches, cars, jets, yachts, etc. I am not aware of any service company that handles print / product / industrial design.


Research is the key to the first initial phases of brand identity. Research the industry, industry logos...

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My question to you is; what country? What pro... You must be signed in to read this answer.Continue...

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It is not a very good question. Imagine I ask you this: What is the best location to tell someone something...

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Should a company with multiple related mobile apps have a website for each product or one company website that contains all the products?

My company currently has one mobile app on the market and plans to create multiple related apps in the future. Many of those interested in our first product would also have an interest in the products we create in the future. Is it better to build a...


One company website. Individual sub-web-pages for each related app. Within each product page, you'll...

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How do I break into brand and identity design?

I would really like to get into brand and identity design. What are my best options? I really enjoy everything about brand and identity design (the naming process, product or company positioning, the logo design, letterhead, business cards, etc). Luckily...


Identity design is, after book typography and typeface design, generally seen by those within the industry...

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How do startups develop a strong brand identity and maintain consistency as they grow?

What do successful startups have in mind when developing their brand identity, the challenge here being understanding how people perceive your company's offerings both tangibly and intangibly. How do they maintain the consistency of their brand identity...


Be it a green field startup or a new product/brand launch from a house of brands, the ideal way for...

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Should I change my company name or use a dba for my startup?

Like many startups, our company discovered a better idea and pivoted to build a different product. If we were to start fresh today, we would have incorporated under a different name. As it is, we are focusing most of our efforts around building the brand...


It really depends what the names are. If your current name is specific/descriptive, you're bound to...

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