Why is learning assembly language valuable to a company?

Let’s learn why is learning assembly language valuable to a company. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by codeproject.com.

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Why Learn Assembly Language? - CodeProject

... there is still much to gain from learning assembly. Today, assembly language is used ... time is as important. ... of critical business ...


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If you want to have some fun, try writing a program that runs John Horton Conway's game "Life"...

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How did you create and launch a product/company from scratch while learning a technology/language at the same time?

I always wanted to create and launch my own App/ Website/Software. But I get stuck because I don't have relevant programming background. It is very confusing when people says that best way to learn anything is to just do it. How can I do anything if...


If you are starting a startup you either need a) business ideas/acumen, or b) technology ideas/acumen...

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The number is 1-800-ROSETTA. For customer service and tech support the number is 1.800.280.8172.

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What company is good for learning another language such as French other than Rosetta Stone ?

I really want to be able to learn French and to actually understand it , I don't like hearing people having a conversation in a phone in french and being like what the heck are these people saying you know what I mean ?


There are online learning sites such as babel, that teach languages. This of course cost money if you...

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Size, value and breakdown of language learning market, and the key players.

I am starting up a company to develop language learning material for self-study online, and need to know basic figures about the market in order to get a bank loan or funds from potential investors. I am targeting specifically the English-speaking market...


<Size of the global market. There are conflicting figures for the market for learning foreign languages...

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I have offers from two great companies. Should I go for the offer at a data integration company, or the offer from one of the biggest game developers and publishers?

I am a fresh graduate in B.Engg Computer Science. Both MNC's are good. Company A is a Data Integration company, which is offering me a position as Software Engineering their Cloud team. Their package is very good. In fact it is on par with some of the...


Weigh the two offers based on: Salary Other benefits and perks Work environment Work profile Career...

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Language for the purpose of study, travel and maybe work in Europe.

What European language should I learn for the purpose of higher studies, work, and extensive travelling in Europe? I am a bibliophile, cinephile, and love songs with good and meaningful lyrics. Till now I've been enjoying all these, I mean the ones from...


I lived in Germany for three years and am currently living in the UK. My observations: Currently, the...

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New company name for a language technology company

I am leading an effort to rename an early-stage company that creates speech translation systems and training tools for learning a new language for the military and healthcare markets. As part of the brainstorming process, I am looking for 25 high-quality...


Greatly appreciate you accepting this as the answer, colinjk-ga. Here are the eight product names that...

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