Why is it important to find new sources of fresh water and to conserve the sources now available?

Let’s learn why is it important to find new sources of fresh water and to conserve the sources now available. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Because humans are growing every second and we NEED water to survive... it is really important because...

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Read about the water rights war in Colorado to learn more.

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Surprisingly, water is a non-renewable resource, so if we threw a crate of water into space, new water...

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Where can I find information about water sources and pollution?

I am doing a paper on decreasing water pollution and I need help with reliable resources (not Wikipedia or other random sources) for the topic.


I am an environmental engineer getting my masters in waste water treatment. moodylurker08@ufl.edu if...

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My potential high school science fair question concerns the pH levels of different water sources...?

i'm thinking of testing the pH levels of various water sources to find which one has the closest level to 7. the water sources i'm thinking of using are: tap water poland spring bottled water pool water (from my local community center pool) water from...


No, all of your variables seem fine to me. as for the pool water, pool water needs to be balanced at...

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How Much Estrogen or Ethinyl Estradiol is in tap water or in our water sources such as lakes, or bottles?

Can someone please help me find a link or a few links that show how many liters,gallons,mililiters, etc of estrogen or ethinyl estradiol is in our water sources? It can be in our tap water such as from sinks from any state or information from water in...


generally trace amounts, but it can be enough to mess with our reproductive systems, and the reproductive...

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What percentage of water used by people each year comes from fossil water sources?

I can find information on fossil water such as this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fossil_wate… But I'd like to know what percentage of total water usage by people--either residential, industrial, or farming uses--comes from fossil water sources...


I followed you link and it was very interesting reading and something i did not know existed. I would...

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Major Sources of Fresh Water?

Could you list the major sources of fresh water in California and how is the water in the state used and how is it transported.. if not what websites could i go to to find this ...show more


ground water ofcourse

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Where'd that water come from?

Can you tell me about this large reservoir just east of Mexico City, apparently called Lago Nabor Carrillo? While reading about pre-columbian American cultures I got off on a few tangents and ended up researching the history of Lake Texcoco and its subsequent...


There seems to be a good history of the project [PDF] in a report from the US Fish & Wildlife Service...

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