Why Semigroups Are Important?

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Why semigroups could be important?

There is known a lot about the use of groups -- they just really appear a lot, and appear naturally. Is there any known nice use of semigroups in Maths to sort of prove they are indeed important in Mathematics? I understand that it is a research question, but may be somebody can hint me the direction to look on so that I would see sensibility of semigroups, if you see what I mean (so some replies like look for wikipedia are not working as they are anti-answers).


Semigroups provide a fundamental, algebraic tool in the analysis of regular languages and finite automata...

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Rodseth's algorithm is used to compute the Frobenius number [math]g(a,b,c)[/math], which is defined...

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A semigroup is an underlying set S with an arrow m that takes the cartesian product SxS to another value...

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Pliz help me, I have Set theory, Relations and Groups Problems?

A1. Determine whether the relation xRy where xRy means there exists an integer n such that x=2n y is an equivalence relation. Is the relation antisymmetric? A2. Define an operation * on R by x*y=xy +1. Show that * is commutative but not associative....


i will help you with some.. . . 2 .. . . x*y = xy + 1 while y*x = yx + 1 = xy + 1 ... thus the relation...

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