Why is flux important?

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why is flux important? | Yahoo Answers

Best Answer: When the metal you are soldering gets hot, which is inevitable in the soldering process, oxides will form quite rapidly on the metal surfaces ...


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Why is Magnetic flux a scalar and Magnetic flux density a vector? Why is the magnetic flux density represented by the field lines?

I don't get how wb/m^2 is a vector and has direction. And what does the direction of the magnetic flux density say?


Magnetic flux is a pseudoscalar under parity transformation. This transforms like a vector under parity...

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Why does Apple not allow flux (http://stereopsis.com/flux/) for iOS?

I could never live without this simple utility on my Mac, and iPhone and iPad desperately need it. Why does Apple not allow it? I understand it's only available for jailbroken iDevices.


Security being highest priority in iOS, each AppStore App is placed in a sandbox.  This means all the...

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Why aren't axial flux motors (DC or AC) very popular or common?

Most motors are radial flux, no matter the flavor. Axial flux looks like it has a lot of potential, especially for scalability and modularity.


The steady growth of electric transportation  is causing these types of motors to become very interesting...

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Physics question about Magnetic Flux and emf.. Very urgent, very important! Please... Please somebody save my *** here. I wish I could pay..?

I need this.. Like in the next two hours.. I've spent all night trying to get it right.. Until I realized I have NO idea what I am doing.. This is very important.. I really hope ...show more


B=-B0e^(az^2) ε(t)=-dΦ(t)/dt dΦ(t)=dSB(t)=-SdB0e^(-az^2) dΦ(t)/dt=-2azSB0e^(-az...

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How to do this question about calculating magnetic flux?

A coil with 50 turns and area 0.02 m^2 encloses a field that has a flux density of 100 X10^-6 T. The field is perpendicular to the plane of the coil. Q: What is the total flux enclosed? My answer is: Flux = B (flux density) X A = 100 X10^-6 X 0.02 =...


The flux, Φ, through the area, A, due to field B is given by: Φ = BA Φ = (100x10⁻...

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What does it mean by change of magnetic flux?

I have a formula ; Voltage = Change in Magnetic flux / Change in time So what does it mean by change of magnetic flux? How can I calculate the change in magnetic flux? This is how you calculate the magnetic flux = Tesla(Magnetic feild) X Surface area...


We often visualize magnetic fields as lines forming loops that begin and end on a magnet. The amount...

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Calculate total flux?!?

i just do not know how to use flux=EA for this question. thanks for looking. and exact answer please. A point charge q1 = 3.55 nc is located on the x-axis at x = 1.85m , and a second point charge q2= -6.30nc is on the y-axis at y= 1.15 m. 1. What is...


Remember that the total flux through any surface of an ENCLOSED charge is just q/epsilonzero. The first...

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Magnets can turn magnets if the flux of a bar magnet is on an angle 2 inner flux lines of spinning rod?

A rod with a bar magnet on an angle and out side of those magnets are stationary magnets that help propell magnets to turn in a circle from it's own force. Put iron filings on a piece of paper. Then you can see, that is an oval shape flux line, because...


You got it all wrong. You don't use a magnent. You use a cat and a butterd peice of toast. Do you know...

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Find the magnetic flux through each of the faces of the cube and what is the total magnetic flux through cube?

A cube, 0.50m on a side, is placed in a uniform magnetic field of strength 0.45T oriented in the direction of a diagonal of the front face of the cube. Find the magnetic flux through each of the faces of the cube. What is the total magnetic flux through...


Just multiply the field strength by the projected area that is perpendicular to the field. The field...

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