Why is technology important?

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Technology is very important in business. For one, it helps centralize accounting, budgeting, and payroll...

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1. computers are taking over the world: phones, laptops, game consoles 2. a lot of jobs involve computers...

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Why is it important to know if technology is vice or virtue? What would technology teach us about ourselves?

I was asked to answer these questions. To fully understand the importance of technology and it's use. But some questions that I have tried to look online has never been answered. so I was wondering if it was possible if any of you peoples would know...


Technology shows us human capabilities.It shows us what we can achieve if we fully use our mind which...

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Why is technology important???

i have to do this speech on y technology is important. we just finished reading the book frankenstein and i need to give an in-depth speech on y technoloy is important. can anyone help me???


Because pretty soon humans will not be able to live on earth anymore for various reasons which i will...

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Why nuclear technology is important?

why nuclear technology is important?


It can be a lifesaver or a life taker. Nuclear technology is technology that involves the reactions...

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Is agriculture more important that technology in india? why?

Can someone give me DEBATING points on whether agriculture is more important than technology and why? please. Thanks :)


Just think of this india is just filled with people and they are not helping with the advancement in...

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Why is The Viking military and technology important?

Hi everyone, I am writing my last point on The Vikings for my rough thesis and essay notes. I just need some important factors on why their military was important in the past and in the present. I have looked at multiple reliable search engines and have...


It's very difficult to talk about their importance as a military if you don't talk about the strategies...

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Why is assistive technology important?

Assistive technology and children with disabilities.


Today's world is very technology oriented. We have progressed way past electric typewriters to having...

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Why is farming technology so important now a days?

i will like to know the positve and negative aspects about technology in farming


Because so many people in our huge population are involved in non-farming pursuits the people that specialize...

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Is technology an important factor in international business?

is technology an important factor in Citizenship? is technology an important factor in Law? is technology an important factor in Shape of goverment? is technology an important factor in media technology?


Yes it is.

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