Why is nursing important to you?

Let’s learn why is nursing important to you. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by international.blogs.hopkinsmedicine.org.

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Why I Can’t Say Enough about the Importance of Nursing ...

How right you are about the importance of nursing. ... Thank you for sharing this important information in your post. Reply. Steve Thompson October 17, 2012 at 8:10 am.


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Why is important to write formal statements recording incidents in a nursing home? 10pnts?

why is important to write formal statements recording incidents in a nursing home? just need a small paragraph explaining the above i know its because of later reference and if ...show more


Keeping a journal is a good way to document daily activities and what was done or what problems were...

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Nursing? Why is it so popular?

I am curious to know why it is that everyone wants to go to college to take nursing and become a nurse? A lot of people my mom knows alot of people (at least three) who have kids or know relatives who they have sent to a college out of state to take...


Nurses in my area are still in high demand and can pretty much choose their schedules, which are very...

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Why do poor or less than stellar academic students choose to major in nursing?

This may sound like an odd question but the reason I ask is this: I have a master's degree and went to college with students majoring in nursing. Several people I knew majored in nursing. Two of my roommates majored in nursing...one completed the program...


I believe it has to do with a combination of the following: There's the "If you can do it, I can...

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Why are there so many people angry about nursing?

I'm a senior in high school and lI'm starting nursing school in the fall. I came across allnurses.com basically nursing community, so I read through the message boards a lot and there are a lot of bitter people..just very negative about nursing, Like...


I noticed that about that forum too, and I agree, people who are unhappy are more vocal about it online...

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Which job generally(not always) involves more intellect & skill, being a teaching assistant or a nursing assistant? Why?

Be it a pre-K, high shcool or college teaching assistant, or a hospital, nursing home or home health nursing assistant, which job USUALLY(ALBEIT NOT ALWAYS) requries more intellect & skill & why? I say a teaching assistant, as they might have...


i think both fields have equal intellect and skills --- EXCEPT that we are talking Peaches and Apples...

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How important to nursing is studying chemistry....?

I've recently gone back to school to finish my nursing degree and a lot of the students, even the older students that have had prior college courses, keep complaining about the amount of chemistry that we need to know...I'm all for learning in college...


There are many facts and principles you need to know in chemistry which could help a nurse to understand...

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Of the following which would be the"best" (I know it's subjective) 4 year nursing degree to choose and why?

Psychiatric Nursing General Nursing Childrens & General Nursing Intellectual Disability Nursing I wonder which would be the "easier" degree programme and which could be the "toughest"? Thanks.


All four careers are tough going - both physically and mentally. General Nursing would probably be considered...

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Senior Care: Why do many people think it's OK to send their parents to nursing homes?

It seems harsh to send your parents to a nursing home or to orphanages , when you think about all the time, love, and sacrifice they went through to take care of you. I assume that most elderly would rather be taken care of by their children than at...


There are three segments to this question, I will attempt to address them in turn. Please bear with...

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Why is there a waiting list for nursing programs at colleges, but a nursing shortage?

I want to be a nurse very badly. I have all my classes done, and I applied to the nursing program. Now they tell me there is a waiting list. How can there be a nursing shortage if I ...show more


Because nursing instructors are hard to find. The law only allows a certain number of students per instructor...

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