Why is recording better on tape rather than with the memory stick (Handycam DCR-HC42?

Let’s learn why is recording better on tape rather than with the memory stick (Handycam DCR-HC42. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Why is recording better on tape rather than with the memory stick (Handycam DCR-HC42)?

I have this Handycam DCR-HC42 that my mom has let me use. There was a tape inside and I watched the video, and it was acceptable quality. But when I record this videos, I want them to go onto my computer, so I have to use a memorystick. I've inserted the memorystick and I went for a test run, and it's horrible. Worse than how the tape recorded. Either it's on some weird settings or it's naturally like this? But why would the quality vary between tape and a memorystick? Shouldn't it be the same quality...


Everything that reaches the memorystick is compressed so that it can fit on there. The tape on the other...

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Is it possible to transfer video on my Sony Handycam hc42 directly from the tape to the Memory Stick Pro?

If not, I need some way to convert the video on the tape to digital format without using a dock (since I don't have one). Any ideas?


It can be done although it is a round about way to go. Your tape is already digital. First capture your...

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How many minutes of recording time on a Sony Memory Stick Duo?

I just bought a Sony Handycam DCR-DVD610 camcorder that will record on either mini-DVD or a Memory Stick Duo. My question is, there are many "sizes" ranging from 1GB to 16GB....how many minutes of recording time will I get per 1GB of memory...


It all depends on the quality of the footage being recorded. At normal DVD quality, 2gb should give...

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Memory stick duo or Sony mini dvd... is there any difference in recording quality?

I've just bought a Sony Handycam which supports both dvd and memory stick recording formats. I'd like to know the differences, if any, between the two. Which would you ...show more


First don't use mini DVD search the questions asked by people, they cause so many problems, cant finalise...

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I shot a video on a Sony Handycam with a memory stick. Can I edit on Final Cut Pro?

It seems like Final Cut is based around capturing off a tape. I tried editing by importing the files into Final Cut but the audio wouldn't come and only the video portion was available. Am I doing something wrong? Or does Final Cut just not allow you...


u cant edit ur Sony video in Final Cut Pro directly, Final Cut Pro only accept a few file formats like...

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What style of recording gives you the best quality on Video Cameras? Memory stick, tape, dvd, other?

I am looking into getting a camera and I would like to recieve good quality picture and sound.


The answer really depends on what format the video is in when the camera records it. Most current tape...

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Sony HDR-FX7 Recording Questions?

I recorded this church ceremony, and one of the tapes that I used dropped numerous frames, so that got me concerned about how reliable this kind of device will be. I was told when I got it that the memory stick slot was for stills only, but then I saw...


You are correct, the Sony HDR-FX7 only records still images to the memory card (not video). I use standard...

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What is the difference between Memory stick and SD Memory card?

An sd memory card can be used in sony handycam having memory stick recording facilty or not?


different sizes, different write speeds, different shapes, different companies, difference on restriction...

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How can you convert analog to memory card on the Sony Handycam?

I have a Sony Handycam, model DCR-TRV460, which is equipped for both analog (tape) and memory card recording. I read in the manual that it's possible to convert analog to memory in just one step, but have since misplaced the manual, and cannot find it...


The DCR-TRV460 is a Digital8 camcorder - it records digital video not analog. It will play analog formats...

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Sony DCR-DVD910 DVD Handycam Internal Space Problem?

Well I just got this Sony Handycam for my birthday that is a hybrid recording camera. I don't have any DVD discs or a Pro Duo Memory Stick, and I keep consulting the operating manual but it won't help me find how to record video footage using the internal...


Are you sure the camcorder has internal memory? According to the manual you can record to either a DVD...

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