Why to use Google in-app billing?

Let’s learn why to use Google in-app billing. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by developer.android.com.

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Google Play In-app Billing - Android Developers

In-app Billing is a Google Play service that lets you sell digital content from inside your applications. You can use the service to sell a wide range of content ...


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Why do major Internet companies use horrible user account security practices for the needs of power users?

My experiences with Google, Android, Microsoft and Amazon come to mind. I actually know the answer: because this applies to the average, not so sophisticated user; but not for security-conscious power-users; but I am just now pissed off, so I have write...


I disagree with the assertion regarding Google. Google has done some impressive things in terms of security...

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Can I still use the free version of Google Apps with my old accounts?

I received an email from google, saying that "Because you're already a customer, this change has no impact on your service, and you can continue to use Google Apps for free." But now they sent me this: "Your free trial ends tomorrow. To...


Yes, I still have 2 free Google apps accounts. One from when you got 50 users and one from when you...

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Resolving a Google AdWords Billing Error

Short story: We're up-to-date on our AdWords payments, but due to a glitch in their system, they still show us to be in arrears. We haven't been able to reach anyone who's able to ... fix ... the glitch. We had a licensee back in 2012 who wasn't paying...


Have you posted to Adwords Community Billing Forum? What did they say? Webmasters Stack Exchange is...

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Please help me --- Read this mail and ans me ( What is this mail )?

Google Webmaster Tools: Get $100 of free Google AdWords advertising for your site Dear Webmaster, Thank you for using Webmaster Tools! We hope you are enjoying our latest releases, which include richer search query data, improved malware notification...


Get started with AdWords and get ready to spend loads of money - AdWords is Google's money making machine...

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A cluttered mind is a sign of...wait I forget.

This is a question about organization and task management. Long and snowflakey, harsh criticism allowed. This might get long, I'll try to keep it brief. The backstory is that I have a 17 month old little boy, a full time job, and a side job, and a fiancee...


Seriously... forgetfulness, in the way you describe, is a sign of stress, and your life right now ....

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How can our company protect ourselves from harassing by Skytel

I have a problem with Skytel. About 10 months ago Skytel offered us 5 blackberries and 5 Motorola T900 2-way pagers to demo for 30 days. There was no cost to the demo. We would get the hardware, and the service for free. If we choose to keep any of...


Before I answer this, let me extend my sympathies. It can certainly be frustrating to deal with something...

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What online cart allows you to sell adult dvd's?

I built an adult site for a client, he has a store that sells dvd's of the exclusive models in the site. I set it up for him and I recommended ccbill for the membership billing and paypal for the store part of the site. About 7 months later he forwarded...


http://www.wwhow.com/ try it, they have many kinds of product, Including shoes, clothing, bags, jewelry...

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Was I scammed and how would it be best to handle this?

Ok, I just signed up for this thing called google money tree or something like that. When I got a email from then, they said I was going to be charge 72 dollars every month if I use or not. Also, stating I was losing 3 three dollars as well I didn't...


If you used a credit card, call your credit card company immediately, cancel the charge and refuse all...

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What are there best practices for B2B click through billing?

We are having issues with clients that do not like our click through reports and don't seem to trust us. They say their Google Analytic's show less clicks than we bill. Should we abandon charging our built in counter and use only Google Analytics? What...


I was told that due to the amount of unique pages we have and the way that the links and content are...

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